How to join JIDM Wed, 29 May 1996 21:52 UTC

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Subject: How to join JIDM
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It has been pointed out to us that we should not use email to announce
products. On behalf of SMILE Inc. I appologize for those who did
not appreciate that mail.

I would only to mention to people  interested in the CORBA-CMIP-SNMP
Inter-working work driven by JIDM that they can participate to JIDM
discussions on the mailing list XoJIDM is a public
mailing list. Your company does not need to be a member of the X/Open
in order to participate to that work. To subscribe send exculisivly an
email to and provides him with your complete
affiliation: company, email ....

JIDM work is very important. It is going to be adopted by the
Network Management Forum. The OMG has adopted for TMN. ISO-ODMA
will probably adopt it also.

JIDM is specifying now gateways in order to enable inter-working
between CORBA and CMIP on one hand and between CORBA and SNMP on the
other hand. For the latter we need active participation of the SNMP
community. I'm the editor of the SNMP-CORBA inter-working document I
solliciate the SNMP community to help in this work. If you
have any ideas or suggestion then send them to
or to me directly (

Looking forward to see a lot of contributions.

Best Regards

Dr. Nader Soukouti

ps. Please send us again your email by fax if you dont receive a
reply within 48 hours.

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