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From: Yung-Terng Wang <>
Subject: ITC 15 CFP

Dear Colleague:

On behalf of the Technical Program Committee of
the 15th Internation Teletraffic Congress,
we would like to invite you and
your colleagues to submit papers to this conference.
It will be held at the J.W. Marriott Hotel 
in Washington, DC, USA on June 23-27, 1997
and the paper is due by Sept. 15, 1996. 
Attached please find information about the Call For Papers.
Further details can be found at the ITC home page at:

Among various technologies and applications of interest 
to ITC 15 is wireless communications. 
With your strong research records and technical leadership 
in this area, we appreciate if you and your colleagues consider
making contributions to this congress.

Best Regards,

Kalyan Basu, Nortel
Phil Fleming, Motorola
Ed. Lipper, Bellcore
Sanjiv Nanda, Bell Labs.
Y.T. Wang, Bell Labs. 

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The International Teletraffic Congress has been held every 
three years in different countries since 1955.
The congress brings together the world's foremost teletraffic
and performance experts to discuss and exchange ideas
on challenges in advancing telecommunication networks and services.
Previous congresses have an enviable record of fostering 
technical excellence and impacting the research and practice
of planning, designing and engineering of telecommunication networks.


The 15th ITC will meet at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in 
Washington, DC, USA on June 23-27, 1997. 
The Congress will comprise plenary sessions with invited
speakers on topics of broad interest, parallel sessions on various
specialized fields, workshops on subjects of active research,
and tutorials on significant new developments.

The information age is upon us, marked by a convergence of computing,
communications and information technologies, and spurred on by 
breakthroughs in high-speed networking, tetherless communications, 
and ubiquitous networked computing power. 
The ability to take full advantage of that
convergence and to assure robust, dependable, cost-effective and 
competitive services depends heavily on concurrent progress in 
teletraffic analysis methods and tools. The goal of ITC 15 is 
to accelerate that progress through
the sharing of the latest research results, field experiences, and best
practices, and through the advocacy of future research directions in
teletraffic models, theory and tools.

The following is a list of fields of interest to ITC 15. 
Submissions should have a focus on teletraffic models, measurements, 
and methods. Papers surveying an area and identifying underlying 
key teletraffic challenges are
welcome, particularly in emerging technologies and applications. Case
studies, field trials and experimental results are especially 
encouraged.  Preference will be given to original contributions 
in areas of current interest to the industry.

   * Broadband Networks and ATM
   * Access Networks and Technologies
   * Wireless Communication Networks
   * Personal Communication Services
   * Nomadic Communications and Computing
   * Enterprise Networks and Network Interworking
   * WWW, Internet, and On-Line Services
   * Multimedia Communications
   * Network Design and Routing
   * Signaling and Intelligent Network Architectures
   * Network Management
   * Traffic Management and Congestion Control
   * Network Reliability, Survivability, Integrity
   * Switch Architectures and Overload Controls
   * Pricing, Tariffs and Billing
   * Database and Object Oriented Platforms
   * Queueing Theory
   * Optimization Techniques
   * Simulation and Statistical Methods
   * Measurement and Data Analysis Techniques



Submitted papers should not exceed 15 double-spaced pages (about 5000
words). The title page should contain the authors' names and 
affiliations, addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers, 
and e-mail addresses. In the case of multiple authors, 
the corresponding author should be clearly
identified. Accepted papers will be requested for submission in 
camera-ready form in accordance with instructions to be supplied later.

Send 6 copies of your manuscript to:
ITC 15 Program Committee
P.O. Box 250
Holmdel, NJ 07733, USA



Return Participation Intent Form:           August 1, 1996
Paper received:                             September 15, 1996
Acknowledgment of receipt sent:             October 10, 1996
Selection notification to authors:          January 6, 1997
Camera-ready paper received:                February 21, 1997
Congress:                                   June 23-27,1997

Please observe all deadlines strictly. A registration package will be sent
at a later date.



Chairpersons: V. Ramaswami, Bellcore & Patricia Wirth, AT&T Labs


Members from U.S.A.

   * Gerald Ash, AT&T Labs
   * Kalyan Basu, Northern Telecom
   * Robert Cooper, Florida Atlantic Univ.
   * Robert Doverspike, Bellcore
   * Philip Fleming, Motorola
   * Alfred Fredericks, Monmouth Univ.
   * Richard Gail, IBM
   * Raj Jain, Ohio State Univ.
   * Anis Khalil, MCI
   * Komandur Krishnan, Bellcore
   * Edward Lipper, Bellcore
   * Kathleen Meier-Hellstern, AT&T Labs
   * Debasis Mitra, Lucent/Bell Labs
   * Harry Perros, NC State Univ.
   * Keith Ross, Univ. of Pennsylvania
   * Bhaskar Sengupta, NEC
   * Les Servi, GTE
   * Ronald Skoog, AT&T Labs
   * Kishor Trivedi, Duke University
   * Jonathan Wang, Bellcore
   * Y.T. Wang, Lucent/Bell Labs
   * Walter Willinger, Bellcore
   * Lixia Zhang, UCLA

Members from Other Countries

   * Marcos Baffuto, Brazil
   * Mario Bonatti, Italy
   * Jin-Fu Chang, Taiwan
   * Prosper Chemouil, France
   * Lars Engvall, France
   * Wolfgang Fischer, Germany
   * Luigi Fratta, Italy
   * Richard Gibbens, England
   * Boris Goldstein, Russia
   * Oscar Gonzalez-Soto, Spain
   * Bjarne Helvik, Finland
   * Villy Baek Iversen, Denmark
   * Peter Key, England
   * Ulf Koerner, Sweden
   * Paul Kuehn, Germany
   * Anurag Kumar, India
   * Xiong-Jian Liang, China
   * Baron Peterssen, South Africa
   * James Roberts, France
   * Hiroshi Saito, Japan
   * Henk Tijms, Netherlands
   * Jorma Virtamo, Finland
   * Robert Warfield, Australia
   * Yu Watanabe, Japan
   * James Yan, Canada
   * Peter Yum, Hong Kong



Vladimir Bolotin, Bellcore
Arik Kashper, AT&T Labs
Robert R. Phillips, GTE

Technical Program Chair
V. Ramaswami, Bellcore
Patricia Wirth, AT&T Labs

IAC Representatives
Steven Katz, AT&T Labs
Paul J. Kuehn, Stuttgart Univ.
Charles D. Pack, Bellcore