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Subject: CFP: PROMS 95

Dear Sir,

this mail includes the call for papers of the PROMS 95 workshop for 
multimedia systems which will be held at Salzburg University. If you 
have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If this mail is 
of no interest for you, please apologize the inconvenience.

best regards,
Thomas Auer
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begin of CFP
	       	      PROMS '95

                 Second Workshop on
	    Protocols for Multimedia Systems
            "Mozart on Multimedia Highways"
                  Salzburg, Austria
                  October 9-12, 1995 
               An international workshop 
organized by University of Salzburg and TechnoZ-Fachhochschule, Austria 
     sponsored by TechnoZ GmbH Salzburg, Sony Salzburg, Austria 
                   Siemens Wien, Austria
          	  CALL FOR PAPERS
The 2nd Workshop on Protocols for Multimedia Systems (PROMS' 95) is  
intended to contribute to scientific, strategical and practical cooperation 
between research institutes and industrial companies with emphasis on  
multimedia protocols and intelligent management tools for (super)highways. 
The motto "Mozart on multimedia highways" is not only to remember 
of the great musician born in Salzburg, the host city of PROMS 95,
but also to focus on the NEW sound of this workshop: Are the (super)highways 
today intelligent enough for the transmission of the "Magic Flute"? 

The PROMS' 95 objectives:
   - To present, address and discuss research, project lines and 
     achievements on protocols and intelligent management tools for 
     multimedia applications with emphasis on their usage on network 
   - To focus on scientific contributions, standardization and practical 
     results in the area of multimedia protocols and 
     their adaptation to ATM, satellite and mobile networks, 
     as well as in the area of intelligent network management,
     policy based and intelligent routing, traffic prediction, 
     security and protocol accounting
   - To emphasize on practical integration of the research 
     on modelling, simulation, performance analysis of multimedia
     protocols and intelligent networking techniques for efficient 
     multimedia application networking in the various forms of  
     today existing and future information (super)highways 
   - To demonstrate and evaluate efficiency of multimedia applications  
     ("Multimedia live") using new protocol functions and 
     intelligent networking tools considering end user criteria and
     requirements for Costs, Quality of Service, Network Access,
     Routing Policy, Security, Application Interface, and System Integrity.

Horst D. Clausen (Uni Salzburg, Austria)      
N. Georganas (Uni Ottawa, Canada)
Bezalel Gavish (Vanderbilt Uni, USA) 
M.S. Obaidat  (City Uni of New York, USA)
Shi-Kuo Chang  (Uni Pittsburgh, USA)
C. Bormann (Uni Bremen, Germany)
Son T. Vuong  (British Columbia, Canada)
B. Atwood (Concordia, Canada)
Jun-ichi Mizusawa (NTT, Japan)
O. Spaniol (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
A. Seneviratne (University of Technology, Australia)
H. Kruse (Ohio Uni, USA)
E. Biersack  (EUROCOM, France)
I. Miloucheva (ATS, Germany)
A. Schill (TU Dresden, Germany)
M. Kaul (GMD, Germany)
R.A.Butler (Robert Gordon Uni, UK)   

Prof. Dr. habil. Ulrich Hofmann (Uni Salzburg, Austria)

Research contributions, standardization and practical experience with 
design, implementation, integration, interworking and management of 
multimedia protocols and applications on the information (super)highways:
 - Media specific and QoS considerations in design and implementation of 
   communication protocols
 - Application, media and protocol integration:
   Synchronization of media streams, orchestration of functional units,
 - Multiparty and group communication protocols and applications,
   Multicast networking and routing, group management 
 - Network access and management functionality: accounting, security,  
   authentication, privacy, intelligent and policy based routing
 - Mobile networking and routing, multimedia communication architectures 
   for mobile networks, management of mobile networks 
 - Performance analysis of multimedia applications and protocols: 
   modeling, simulation, and control theoretical approach 
 - Accounting and costs of communication services  
 - Optimization of protocol and application performance for different 
   network QoS provision (i.e. high delay paths)
 - Protocol and application adaptation to ATM QoS and Adaptation Layers,
   protocol performance over ATM 
 - Protocols and applications for satellite networks and gateways, 
   Protocol performance over satellite, including
   hybrid satellite/terrestrial networks, and satellite applications
 - Multimedia applications and IP/IPnG interworking
 - Multimedia applications on the (super)higways: video-on-demand,
   virtual community, teleworking, teleteaching 
 - Resource reservation and multimedia traffic engineering
 - Implementation of multimedia protocols and applications: 
   integration of media storage and communication mechanisms, 
   operating system and high performance issues, efficient interfacing
 - Techniques for specification of multimedia protocols and application,
   methods for real-time test and analysis of implementations, 

- Please send your papers in postscript form.
   via email:
   via anonymous ftp: /pub/proms
   via mail: PROMS 95
	     Institut fuer Computerwissenschaften
             z.Hd. Prof. Ulrich Hofmann
             Jakob-Haringer-Str. 2
	     A-5020 Salzburg, AUSTRIA
- Submissions must include abstract and keywords.

Submissions due:      Aug. 20,   1995
Author notification:  Sept. 1,    1995

We will appreciate also later submissions if they are significant for PROMS 95.
For extended information about organization, keynote speaker, demonstration, 
venue, registration and .... Mozart please refer to:
        <A HREF="">Proms on the WWW</A>

or contact:   Prof. Ulrich Hofmann
              Dr. Ilka Miloucheva

Summer Art Festival, Mozart, Trapp-family, Mountains, Lakes,
Saltmines, Palaces and Gardens, Mirabell and Hellbrunn - 
these are some words which are inherently connected with the city of Salzburg.  
Attention for the guests of Salzburg-a "Schnuerlregen"(a special kind of rain),
mixed with the "Little Night Music" over the rooftops ...
Especially for our PROMS 95 guests:
 - Different kinds of demos with multimedia and multicast protocols, 
   satellite/ATM interconnection, transathlantic demos,
 - Multimedia Welcome at the "High Tech" Sony factury in Salzburg
 - 4 PROMS 95 Days for workshopping at Salzburg University and TechnoZ Research
 - "Sound of Music" Tour ....