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Subject: Free Merchandise Bulletin
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Our research of member interests and your directory referred us to
you.  We believe that you will be interested in information on how
to receive FREE Merchandise and Cash. If we are mistaken and you
are not interested in any Free Business Information, then simply
hit REPLY and type the word REMOVE in the subject area to be
automatically removed from our lists. Our technology will remove
your name and you will not be contacted again, and we apologize
profusely for any  inconvenience.

Initially, we want you to know that we are actively involved in
the merchandise & cash business on a full time basis.  Every day
our office phones ring off the wall, our fax machine hums and
companies beg us to take merchandise from them that we can keep
and use for profit.

And we frequently are asked to advise newcomers and professionals
alike on new and innovative techniques for making more money and
receiving more merchandise.

Unlike those who would pretend to insult you and tell you that
they are providing this information to you because it is time to
"Give something back" we will tell you the truth.  Just like you,
we want to make more money.  We have powerful and exciting 
information that is as good as hard cash and by revealing the 
secret techniques that we have developed we can make even more
money.  We are not concerned that by telling you we will cut
ourselves out.  There is a mega amount of money and merchandise
available that will never dry up!

These secret techniques have been developed and can now be
revealed to you showing you how you can select the category of
merchandise you want.  Then, by using the special sources that
we give you- anyone can access all the merchandise imaginable
in a matter of a few minutes!!!!

That's right.....spend less than 5 minutes and get FREE 
- you name it.

You simply pick the category that you and your family desire.

Then you use the secret sources...

Spend a few minutes of time and zappo--you're done for the day.

Then sit back and wait for the delivery man to bring the cases
of merchandise to your door.

(By the way-you can select as many categories as you wish!!!!)

NOW...get ready for the CASH.

By following our special methods you can make $2,000.00 a week 
or more expending less than 8 hours of time. 

And as a built in can;

KEEP ALL THE MERCHANDISE! (that's can keep it & 
that's not all.)

It gets even better. You will learn in a matter of minutes how to
pocket several hundred dollars more every week in cold hard
cash..........and all of this extra "pocket money" just keeps on
coming week after week after week.

What does all of this take to put into action?

Just imagine this.......You can officially--

Stay at home.

Start applying our secret techniques 5 minutes after you get
the booklet.

Start making a list of who is sending FREE merchandise to you

Decide how much extra cash you want.

Apply our special cash techniques and start to make plans for 
the use of this money.

How does this work?

Let's say the category of merchandise that you want is children's
clothes.  Every time you go to the store to buy your son or 
daughter a pair of tennis shoes and some jeans your checking 
account has an average $75.00 sucked out of it and you get one
pair of footwear and one pair of jeans.  And maybe you want a new
camera bag, so you trot down to the local discount outlet and hand
over $50.00 for a new one.  And on the way home you stop at the
grocery store, buy your favorite soft drink, some canned goods 
and oh yes, remember the shampoo, hair spray and little Susie
needs a new hairbrush.  So you pull out the ATM card and hand 
over another $25.00 dollars to the smiling cashier who will enjoy
your hard earned cash.  After all, you didn't want it...You
want to pay retail don't you?  Better yet, you want to pay for
everything you need right?

On the way home Tommy tells you his puppy needs some dog food and
a new leash.  So you stop at the pet supply store and out comes 
the last $20.00.

Oh well, you really didn't want to go to a movie this weekend did you?

Well, that's all over now.  With out booklet you can have
everything you just bought and still have ALL THE CASH IN YOUR

You can:





VERSION . Our intent is to increase our share of the market.
Whichever form of reading and business reference material is
best for you is the one to buy.  The information in the current
offering is for the person who is ready to work and 
doesn't need lots of bells and whistles. It's up to you. 

And, if you want one of the more expensive versions it is still 
quite a bargain. We know of other companies that charge hundreds
of dollars just to be part of their team. And they will never
provide the level of support and help you to succeed like we will.

    Just listen to what one of of our associates recently wrote:
     "Capital Surplus is a company based on honesty and integrity.
      They are supportive in their dealing with their associates
      and their customers...a valuable service...for which you 
      will get paid."   Dan D. Tenn   (original on file)

And there's more. At the end of this information look for even 
more proof from another associate of just how powerful these 
techniques are!

This is not a get rich quick scheme or MLM. It is the excess 
merchandise business.

It is a real and honest opportunity to work and achieve
substantial success, part time using the booklet, or full time
...and you can do it with us or using the techniques, you can
easily do it on your own and make even greater profits.       

We are printing a finite number of booklets to help you get 
started right away for less than the cost of a movie date. 
And this booklet will give you valuable information in an easy 
to understand format-that you can apply immediately.  The main 
difference is that it is not as glossy, graphics filled and 
frankly pretty as out fancy national versions will be. It is a 
down to earth guide on how to get started RIGHT NOW!

Our goal is to build a broker network of independent people,
like yourselves to help us find even more merchandise. There is 
virtually an endless supply.  By reading the booklet you will 
have the option of using our resources and abilities to help you,
or you can apply the knowledge we will provide and do it on your
own. The market is immense and we are not concerned about the
competition.  In fact, some of our best friends are competitors. 

If you want to get all the free stuff and cash - we can send you
a copy for $12.95..  This is the only time we will contact you
about this.  It's not hard to see that you could start saving
hundreds or thousands of dollars right away and the profits and 
cash are a nice addition to any income.  (We know some people
who make a small fortune doing this part time.)

If you want one of these once in a lifetime copies - Send
$12.95 +2.00 S/H to

SUITE A8-241

International Orders -Please add $2.00 - thank you

All orders received within 7 days will be shipped immediately.
PLUS:  The first 20 orders will receive FREE PERSONAL 

Any orders received after the supply runs out will be
returned uncashed.

Thank you

Capital Surplus

GUARANTEE- WE want you to know that we back up everything we
say 100%. If you order the booklet and for any reason it is 
not what we say it is, send it back within 30 days.  We will
immediately issue a FULL REFUND - no questions asked.

P.S. For even more proof, here's an exact reprint of another
letter from one of our associates. (The original is on file 
in our offices.)


"I just wanted to take this opporunity to say what a refreshing
experience it has been for me to work with your company.  I've
been involved in several businesses, and I can honestly say 
that it is rare to find a company as responsive as yours.

I'm still new to this business, but am always treated with great
respect by everyone there.  As I learn the ropes, I've counted
on you for guidance and have never been made to feel that any of
my questions were "stupid" ones, although I'm sure many of them
are very basic.

Your written materials are very informative, and they certainly
reflect reality!  I've made lots of contacts in only a few weeks
just by following the instructions in your book.  On one day I
found 1,000 cases of Snapple and some table lamps.  My last
conversation was almost an "instant replay" of the sample script
you provided.  i've now got lots of prospects for future deals.

As I told you, this business is really almost addictive.  I love
the flexibility and the fact that I'm working with such a 
dedicated team.  It's great to be a name and not a number, and to
know that your staff members are working as hard as they can to 
make every deal a reality!  It's wonderful to know that if I ask
a question, I'll get an answer, and a quick one, too!  You've 
really made me feel like part of the team!

I'm so glad I answered your ad!  My husband and kids are excited
too.  They all know who the people at Capital Surplus are by name.

I'm looking forward to a rewarding and prosperous relationship
with your company.

Best wishes,

C.M. -- Conn."
Now it's up to you.... 

You can start receiving all the free merchandise and cash you ever
wanted in a matter of days. Simply send your order for $12.95 plus
$2.00 S/H (int'l add $2.) and we will SHIP YOUR COPY WITHIN 24 HRS
of receiving your order. 

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming you!