Faculty Position at RPI

Ken Vastola <vastola@ecse.rpi.edu> Tue, 14 February 1995 22:53 UTC

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Subject: Faculty Position at RPI
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Below is an ad for a faculty position which has just become available in 
my department at RPI.  This position is at the assistant professor level. 

Please forward it to appropriate PhD students and also to individuals who 
received their doctorates over the last few years who may be interested. 

Thank you.

Ken Vastola

  Professor Kenneth S. Vastola                         vastola@ecse.rpi.edu 
  Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering Dept.                        
  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                                          
  Troy, New York 12180-3590          http://networks.ecse.rpi.edu/~vastola/ 

		Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

The Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering 
invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the 
Assistant Professor level. The specific area of interest is 
Computer Engineering with emphasis on computer communication
networks and/or distributed computing systems. We are seeking 
someone who can work effectively with existing strengths in 
optical and high-speed integrated networks, multimedia networking, 
image and video processing, and parallel and distributed systems.

This new faculty position is part of a major Engineering Renaissance
at Rensselaer initiative designed to position Rensselaer for 
technological leadership in the 21st century. The ECSE Department 
is the largest academic unit at Rensselaer, with 35 faculty and 
250 graduate students. There are also close links between ECSE and 
the Department of Computer Science. ECSE is seeking to add top quality 
faculty who bring innovative approaches to modern areas of research 
and who can effectively participate in a campus-wide educational 
initiative in Interactive Learning. ECSE has major programs in
multimedia communications and signal processing; robotics, intelligent 
control and manufacturing; integrated electronics and electronics 
manufacturing; and energy systems. Excellent opportunities exist for 
faculty to participate in interdisciplinary research centers, including 
the Center for Image Processing Research, the Center for Integrated 
Electronics and Electronics Manufacturing, the New York State Center 
for Advanced Technology in Automation, Manufacturing and Robotics, and 
the Scientific Computation Research Center. 

New faculty are will receive special career start-up arrangements 
including summer support, equipment, graduate student support and 
reduced teaching loads to encourage the development of successful 
research programs. Applications and/or requests for further information 
should be directed to: 

	Dr. William C. Jennings 
	Department Head 
	Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
	Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
	Troy, NY, 12180-3590. 

Dr. Jennings may be reached by phone at (518) 276-6316 or electronically 
at jennings@ecse.rpi.edu. Rensselaer is an affirmative action/equal 
opportunity employer and specifically encourages applications from women 
and minorities.