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Fred Baker <> Thu, 16 May 1996 22:38 UTC

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At 7:36 AM 5/17/96, Robert Elz wrote:
>If one did feel the need to find an implementation of rreq, I'm
>not sure I'd be looking inside routers anyway - in there I'd
>find implementations of BCP, PPP, OSPF, IP TCP, ...   For rreq
>I think I'd look in the tender or RFP docs, see whether rreq has
>been specified, and used - that's probably what is an implementation
>of 1812, if anything is.

Oh, it's used. They ask "do you conform?". We say "no." They send money.

Since it was pointed out to me that we can't use path mtu with
PIM/DVMRP/etc because 1812 says "don't do path mtu on multicast packets," I
think that if we're going to go to BCP we should change that first.

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