etaCOM-96 Call for Papers (10/03/95)

Thomas Canning <> Wed, 04 October 1995 00:01 UTC

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Subject: etaCOM-96 Call for Papers (10/03/95)

Please read and forward.

                   C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

              1st Annual Conference of Emerging
        Technologies and Applications in Communications

                        Portland, Oregon
                         May 7-10, 1996


     etaCOM-96 is the First Annual Conference on Emerging Technologies
     and Applications in Communications to contribute to the mutual
     advancement of technology and knowledge through the promotion
     and showcasing of the emerging technologies and applications.
     Its aim is to cover all aspects of communications, with emphasis
     on the areas listed below. Sessions will include tutorials and
     workshops in addition to presentations. An extensive exhibition
     will also be organized.

     Papers describing original work are invited in any of the areas
     listed below, and will be presented in both oral and poster
     sessions.   Four-page papers will be published in the Proceedings
     of etaCOM.  Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance, and
     originality, and through peer review.  Special sessions are also
     encouraged; persons interested in organizing a special session
     shall contact the Program Chairs before October 31, 1995.


  Submission of Papers

     Papers should conform to a basic two-column layout centered on
     a 8.5 inches (21.59 cm.) wide by 11 inches (27.94 cm.) long paper.
     The column should be 3 inches (7.62 cm.) wide and 9 inches
     (22.86 cm.) long.  The space between the columns should be only
     one half-inch (1.27 cm.) across.  The margins for all four sides 
     are 1 inch (2.54 cm.). Typeface (font) is Times 12-point size or
     New York 10-point size. Papers not conforming to the above
     format requirement will not be included in the conference

     Papers should not be more than four pages.  Otherwise, there
     will be a surcharge of US$150 for each additional page.

     A cover sheet including the name, affiliation, mailing address,
     phone and fax numbers, e-mail address of the author(s) should
     be submitted with the paper.  The title and a fifty-word
     abstract of the paper should also be included in the cover
     sheet.  Please specify the category of the paper listed below
     and specify the corresponding author if more than one author
     appears in a paper.

     A copyright form with appropriate signatures is required for the
     paper submitted to the conference.

     Five copies of the paper accompanied with a single cover sheet
     along with a signed copyright form, should be sent to:

                etaCOM-96, c/o American Show Management
                9782 SW Nimbus Avenue
                Beaverton, OR 97008,  U.S.A.


     Submission of paper with cover sheet: received by November 1,

     Notification of acceptance: December 29, 1995.

  Areas of Interest

     ATM technology:  TCP/IP, switches, virtual LAN, frame relay,

     Internet: IP multicast, browsers, authoring tools, server &
     search engines

     Wireless: Cellular & CDMA, PCS, mobile computing, Wireless LAN

     Multimedia:  Teleconferencing, tools, audio & video

     Client/Server: Media on demands

     Others: ____________________(please specify).


General Chair                   Thomas Canning
                                Sequent Computer, Inc.
                                15450 SW Koll Parkway
                                Beaverton, OR 97006-6063
                                Tel. (503)578-5709
                                Fax. (503)578-5055

Program Chair(s)                Dr. Fu Li
                                Portland State University
                                Dept. of Elect. Eng.
                                Portland, OR 97207-0751
                                Tel. (503)725-3824
                                Fax. (503)725-3807

                                Steve Gorshe
                                NEC America, Inc
                                Transmission Division
                                3100 NE Shute Road
                                Hillsboro, OR 97124-5899
                                Tel. (503)681-3313
                                Fax. (503)681-3304

Workshop Chair                  Dr. Michael Driscoll
                                Portland State University
                                Dept. of Elect. Eng.
                                Portland, OR 97207-0751
                                Tel. (503)725-3806
                                Fax. (503)725-3807

Tutorials Chair(s)              Dr. Mario Magana
                                Oregon State University
                                Dept. of Elect. Eng.
                                Corvallis, OR 97331-3211
                                Tel. (503)737-3149
                                Fax. (503)737-3593

                                Aki Fleshler
                                Sequent Computer Systems
                                15450 SW Koll Parkway
                                Beaverton, Or 97006
                                (503) 578-4570

                                Dr. Bruce Ferguson
                                University of Portland
                                (503) 283-7428

Exhibits Chair                  Dr. James J. Huntzicker
                                Oregon Graduate Institute
                                PO Box 91000
                                Portland, OR  97291-1000
                                Tel. (503)690-1072
                                Fax. (503)690-1686


     etaCOM-96 will provide multitiered programs with workshops,
     tutorials and exhibits, targeting all levels of technical

     Workshops will be offered in one-hour and two-hour sessions on
     the show floor, running concurrently with the exhibit hours
     and will complement the technical sessions.  These workshops will
     be hands-on, applications-oriented demonstrations of today's products
     and techniques.

     Full and half-day tutorials, which are intense, classroom-type
     lectures on a specific topic will be available the day before and
     the day after the exhibition opens.  Workshops and tutorials will
     be offered in the following tracks.

     TECHNOLOGY TRACK     WORKSHOP                      TUTORIAL

     ATM                Internet Protocol Over ATM      Evolution of
                                                        ATM Standard

                        ATM Switches                    ATM Testing

                        Virtual Local Area Networks
     WIRELESS           Cellular Mobile Computing       Wireless Security
                                                        & Privacy Issues

                                                        Taking Cellular
                                                        Beyond Voice
     MULTIMEDIA         Conferencing Tools              Multimedia Data

                        Authoring Systems               MM Capacity and
                                                        Bandwith Solutions
     INTERNET           World Wide Web Browsers         Internet Security

                        World Wide Web Authoring Tools  Managing an Internet
                        World Wide Web Servers and
                        Search Engines

                        IP Multicast
     CLIENT/SERVER      Media on Demand                 Overview of C/S

                                                        Hardware Design

etaCOM is sponsored by the Oregon Section and associated Chapters of
the IEEE.