IEEE Southeastcon '96 CFP (FINAL Announcement)

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Thank you all for your attention and I am looking forward to 
your participation. Regards, Ravi Sankar (Technical Chair)

(Note: If you receive multiple copies of this announcement, please 
accept my sincere apologies and thank you for your patience and 

+++++++++++++++++++       IEEE SOUTHEASTCON '96        ++++++++++++++++++++

		    Hyatt Regency at Tampa City Center
			    Tampa, Florida

			  April 11-14, 1996

    The World Wide Web (WWW) home page of Southeastcon '96 can be accessed 
    via URL address:

Southeastcon is the annual IEEE Region 3 Technical Conference established
to bring Electrical Engineering professionals, faculty and students
together to share information through technical sessions, tutorials, and
exhibits.  It is the most influential outlet in Region 3 for promoting
awareness of technical contributions made by our profession to the
advancement of engineering science and society.  Attendance and technical
program participation from areas outside IEEE Region 3 are encouraged and

The Southeastcon '96 Conference Program includes:
Technical Sessions - Plenary Sessions - Tutorials/Workshops
Student Competitions (Paper/Hardware/Software) - Exhibits - Social Events

The Conference is sponsored by:
IEEE Region 3 - IEEE Florida Council - IEEE Florida West Coast Section  
IEEE Student Branch, University of South Florida - Department of 
Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida


Southeastcon '96 program committee cordially invites interested authors to
submit original papers dealing with all aspects of electrical engineering
specifically on topics of current interest. Papers that may be submitted 
include those that have not previously been published or presented elsewhere.
Full-length papers (full-paper refereed) and Concise papers (abstract refereed)
on all topics of interest are being solicited from prospective authors.

Important Dates / Schedule

Initial Full-length Paper Submission Date	-  October 15, 1995

Initial Concise Paper Submission Date		-  November 1, 1995

Author Notification Date			-  December 1, 1995

Final Camera-ready Paper Due Date		-  January 6, 1996

Submission Instructions
All submissions should include the title, author(s), authors affiliation,
addresses (postal and email) and key words.  In case of multiple authors,
indicate the correspondence author.  This can be accomplished by 
submitting a "Paper Submission Cover Sheet" which is available via the 
internet. Potential contributors are encouraged to submit their papers in 
electronic forms in Postscript format to For inquiry 
about the technical program and queries concerning paper submission, please
send email to (or) contact the Technical Program Chair. 
Also check the Conference WWW Homepage. 

1.  Full-length Papers (Full-Paper Refereed)

Submit four (4) copies of a paper to the Technical Program Chair by 
the due date.  The paper length is limited to twenty (20) double-spaced  
pages (including references and figures) and the final camera-ready 
paper is restricted to eight (8) conference proceedings pages. The text
should be printed on 8.5"x11" paper, in one column format, in 10 points
or a larger font size.   

2. Concise Papers (Abstract Refereed)

Submit four (4) copies of a paper summary and separate abstract to the
Technical Program Chair. The abstract must be on a separated sheet and
limited to one page. The summary should not exceed 500 words. The summary
should be complete and should include (a) statement of problems or
questions addressed, (b) objective of work with regards to the problem,
(c) approach employed, (d) progress or work performed, and (e) important
results and conclusions. Since the summary will be the basis for
selection, care should be taken in its preparation so that it is
representative of the work to be reported. Concise papers, not
exceeding four (4) camera-ready proceedings pages (including references
and figures) will be published subject to acceptance by the Papers Review
Committee and the author's fulfillment of additional requirements
contained in the author's kit. 

Proposals are invited for organizing tutorials.  Please send your proposal 
at the latest by December 1, 1995 to Prof. Ravi Sankar, the Technical
Program Chair.  The proposals should include the objectives of the
tutorial, a brief description (200-500 words), a tutorial outline,
intended audience, the length of the presentation (half-day/full-day), and
a one page biodata of the lecturer(s). 

General Chair				Technical Program Chair
-------------				-----------------------
Mr. Jim Howard				Dr. Ravi Sankar
Tampa Electric Company 			Department of Electrical Engineering
System Development, Plaza 4		University of South Florida
702 N. Franklin St.			4202 E. Fowler Ave., ENG 118
Tampa, Florida 33602, USA		Tampa, Florida 33620-5350, USA
Tel: (813) 228-4653			Tel: (813) 974-4769
Fax: (813) 228-1333			Fax: (813) 974-5250
E-mail:		E-mail:

Student Program Chair
Ms. Joey Duvall
USF IEEE Student Branch
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida 33620-5350, USA

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++  CUT HERE +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

If you are interested in participating and/or planning to submit 
paper(s) to the IEEE Southeastcon '96, please complete this survey 
information and forward it to the General Chair or the Technical Program 
Chair by E-mail or Postal Mail or Fax.

1. [  ] I am planning to submit paper(s) to the IEEE Southeastcon '96.

Title of Paper: ____________________________________________________
Name(s): _______________________________
Title: ______________________	Affiliation: ________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Tel: (   )				Fax: (   )

2. [  ] I am interested in presenting a tutorial at IEEE Southeastcon '96.

Topic of Tutorial: ____________________________________________________
Name(s): _______________________________
Title: ______________________	Affiliation: ________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Tel: (   )				Fax: (   )

3. [  ]	I am not planning to submit paper to the IEEE Southeastcon '96 
	but I am interested in attending the conference and/or tutorial(s).

Name(s): _______________________________
Title: ______________________	Affiliation: ________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Tel: (   )				Fax: (   )

4. 	I am interested in voluteering my services (check all that apply).

	[  ]	Act as Technical Paper Referee 
	[  ]	Organize and Chair a Technical Session
	[  ]	Others
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++  CUT HERE +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
							THANK YOU


Ravi Sankar
Dept. of Electrical Engr.
Univ. of South Florida			Tel: 813-974-4769
4202 E. Fowler Ave., ENG 118		Fax: 813-974-5250
Tampa, Florida 33620-5350		E-mail: