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"Derrell D. Piper" <> Fri, 20 February 1998 17:43 UTC

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> was

Ah, the cob-webs clear temporarily.

I attempted to clean up the document references in the recent DOI and must
admit that I gave up.  I figured someone would remember which cipher document
was The One True ESP-CBC Referece (tm).  Greg Carter appears to win the
cookie.  (That's an ISAKMP cookie, of course...)

I'll fix this in an update to the DOI that I'll release after the ISAKMP draft
come out.  (Notice how he adroitly refocuses all attention on Doug Maughan.)
The problem with the DOI pointing to ID's must be corrected anyway, per Ted's
recent note.  I'm for just pulling the references, as needed.  In addition to
the list that Ted had, the pointer to the Roadmap document will also have to
be removed.  (With The One True ESP-CBC Reference (tm), I don't think that's a
big deal.)

Derrell, off for yet more coffee