Re: ISAKMP Draft: NotifyCodes, alignment

"Derrell D. Piper" <> Thu, 19 February 1998 23:39 UTC

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Subject: Re: ISAKMP Draft: NotifyCodes, alignment
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>The IP DOI (v-06 and earlier) actually violated the ISAKMP draft by using
>codes in the Private range as Status codes (the DOI is a standard, not
>Private, right?).  Since people are presumably implementing these codes
>already, perhaps it would be better for the ISAKMP draft to change to make
>the present DOI valid.  Also the draft should spec the full range of the
>16-bit number.  How about this:

>From the current ISAKMP draft (note last sentence):

  3.14.1 Notify Message Types
  Notification information can be error messages specifying why an SA could
  not be established.  It can also be status data that a process managing
  an SA database wishes to communicate with a peer process.  For example,
  a secure front end or security gateway may use the Notify message to syn-
  chronize SA communication.  The table below lists the Nofitication mes-
  sages and their corresponding values.  Values in the Private Use range are
  expected to be DOI-specific values.