Re: Regrouping for IPSEC WORKING GROUP LAST CALL (Hilarie Orman) Mon, 23 February 1998 02:17 UTC

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Subject: Re: Regrouping for IPSEC WORKING GROUP LAST CALL
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> Should we remove the EC groups altogether and defer these issues to

There's a scene in Music Man where everyone goes around singing
"trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble."  Meant to show a kind of small-town
attitude, as I remember.  Rabelais, Bal-zac.  EC.

The groups are optional.  The NEWGROUP mode has always been there
exactly for the purpose of accommodating the expected drift of
the opinio-of-the-art.  And there will never be a last call that
doesn't bring out controversy.

But no Y coordinate ... :-)  ref. obs.