Re: Re[2]: Vendors who are implementing IPSEC, step forward....

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   Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 19:47:47 -0700
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   I think that it would be in the vendors' best interest to wait until
   after the interoperability workshop and determine if and when a
   common press-release can be put together.  We could decide this lon
   the 24th or 25th.  A pre-released list worked last time, wherein a
   magazine stated "vendors a,b,c...z met at Lawrence Tech in
   Southfield, Michigan to test IPSec..." and this was just a simple
   paragraph, but we had only 15 vendors at the time.  This list is
   quite extensive now, Moskowitz is receiving additions all the time,
   and we will miss someone so unless we are PR people, we should wait
   for a coordinated effort.

   The AiAG's Public Relations firm could help to coordinate this.  Each
   company could then use this information to refine their own
   (release), if they so desired.

Well, I've already given the URL to one reporter who was asking
questions about who was implementing.  If someone would like to put
together a web page with the results of the AiAG, I will happily put a
link to it.

I currently have a link to a web page listing the companies which have
signed up for the AiAG workshop in Ottawa, since that's public
information (according to Bob Moscowitz, who gave me the information).
If afterwards someone else puts together a really spiffy web page that
has the results of the interop testing, I'll happily link my page off to
theirs instead.

							- Ted