Re: key derivation for ESP Authentication Algorithm

Norio Korekawa <> Mon, 23 February 1998 02:10 UTC

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Subject: Re: key derivation for ESP Authentication Algorithm
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From: Norio Korekawa <>
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> > I have a question about derivation of Phase 2 keying material and
> > I would greatly appreciate receiving an answer from someone of this 
> > group.
> I haven't seen any replies to this, so I'll take a stab at it.

Thanks for your prompt answer.  But please let me ask you once again.

> > So the difference between the two(Encryption and Authentication) keys 
> > is only its length, I think.  Am I right?
> No, the keying material for encryption differs entirely from 
> the keying material for authentication. This happens because the 
> "protocol" value used to derive KEYMAT is a transform-specific value.
> The encryption transform is associated with one value for "protocol" 
> and the authentication transform is associated with some other value
> for "protocol".
> Per IKE 5.5, pg.18:
> 	In either case, "protocol" and "SPI" are from the ISAKMP 
> 	Proposal Payload that contained the negotiated Transform.
> Hope this helps

I should have written "(ESP Encryption and ESP Authentication)",
instead of "(Encryption and Authentication)".  In this case, 
only ESP is employed, and I think "protocol" is PROTO_IPSEC_ESP.
That's why, I think that a key for ESP Encryption and a key for
ESP Authentication are derived from the same KEYMAT, because
the same "protocol" value(PROTO_IPSEC_ESP) and the same SPI
are used for the computation.

Hope to hear your comments again.

Norio Korekawa