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	even though Japanese, itojun2.0 is much like Theo so bare with me.
	i will use quite a language, so it's X-rated.

	and for those who didn't know, theo finally plan about enabling INET6
	on and studying jinmei/shima/qingli book.
	our 15 years of effort was not a waste!  then this doomsday news.
	how ironical.

> > > > That's a BSD bug, not a standard bug.

	no, both.
	RFC problem:
	- standard introduced mistake in RFC1883 -> RFC2460
	  (dropped loose/strict bit, at the same time maxhop/rthdr0 bumped to
	  for this hinden or deering needs harakiri
	- no limit in # routing headers in packet
	  diagram just show typical header ordering not limitation so it's
	  a big pitfall.  in a very small font "you can put as many routing
	  headers in a packet"!!
	  for ths i guess deering harakiri

	  exercise: how many hops you can make if link MTU=1280?  or 9000?

	- even HOST must forward rthdr (we have checked w/ Steve 1000 times
	  so KAME does not need harakiri, Deering is)
	implementation support
	- we were too spec conformant :-)
	- didn't know hinden/deering are spec writer, no coder
	  they may have code when they were young, but in 1995 they had
	  grandchild or big kid
	- forcused too much onto IPv6, forgot about 1992 common sense
	  "routing header considered harmful" (another ironical coindidence,
	  INET92 kobe was where ipng effort was started).
	  because IPv4 option was dead from the beginning (WIDE"s mobility
	  protocol, VIP, used IPv4 option and it could not reach the States
	  due to banned IPv4 option
	  for this one, KAME needs to harakiri.

	with this doomsday situation and feel of guilt, how can i (or kame)
	take even a nap?  that's why you see i keep posting and posting.  
	deering is total slacker because he's in canada fishing Salmon!!
	i tried very hard to reach the author, and hinden came to us with
	total non-understanding and optimism when tomorrow is the doomsday.
	how do you think?  nokia people, someone is trying to impersonate
	lovely hinden.  if i'm wrong and it was real hinden he sent to SM club
	and spanked by thousands of dominas before harakiri.  but that's
	may actually what makes him happy.  but joy of SM and bondage world
	will finish by harakiri, we gladly allow him to enjoy SM and bondage.

	now, think about how IETF work as ex-IAB:
	in IPv4 days:
	- implement and test
	- then write a draft
	- BSD IPv4 code is there
	- everyone cheated and looked at it
	- write a draft with pipe dream
	- spam IESG
	- then implement
	- big issue happen
	- go back to 1

	now, in KAME we meant to make t-shirt

			"code then spec, not spec then code'

	clearly KAME made successful "spec then code", but it was because Jun
	Murai bawed million (if not billion) times to get people like jinmei
	(he's ICHIRO or GOILLA MATSUI of toshiba), kazu (in project management
	he is also ICHIRO) and me (king of v6, jinmei beats me in careful
	spec reading because i'm spine-coder and nanosleep guy)
	to make "IPv6 samurais", which is IPv6.
	and we seriously we devoted our very lives onto that i was dumped by
	two or three girlfriends.  that guilt adds up.  then spice domestic
	violence by father, knowledge of DNA and darwin theory (hate father,
	then hate myself because half of my blood is toilet water),
	you have a guy with mental illness.  yes, that's very reason you do
	not bump into me at IETF venue.  too much computing hurts you, i know,
	but to deploy IPv6 in "spec then code" way we need a Kamikaze attack
	by IPv6 samurais.

	let us assume 2^128 was not enough.  another set of harakiri and
	feel guilt.  i would go suicide.  not suicide attack, but the
	game hangman.

	to summarize, to stop this kind of doomsday spec issue we have to
	switch our mind from "spec then code" to "code then spec".  require
	2 interoperable independent implementation to submit draft.  effects
	- robust protocol
	- much fewer drafts
	- no spam-like loony tune drafts
	- iesg hapy
	- iesg queue flushes quickly

	so, everyone will happy.  if you object, you can call me any time,
	i won't be able to sleep until very last IPv6-capable machine gets
	upgraded.  hope it will finish before i become zombie.

	i leave "code then spec" discussion to current IESG/IAB.  at least
	IESG will be extremely happy about it.  do not hesitate to cc: me, if
	it is IAB/IESG and email amount moderate so that i can handle rthdr0.
	i'm an ex IAB, so keep me in the loop.

	thanks for reading this rant.


PS: "itojun2.0" is like "Web2.0".  i.e. i know how to control adrenaline rush,
i now forgot about my father completely.  i slack sometimes when my friend
calls me so do not worry.  noone but me can work and post 24x7 without
PPS: no need to send "please sleep" letters to me, i got plenty of them
already.  i need to read rthdr0 spams so i do not need more spams.  i do know
you all love me and i love you all,  it's just the feel of guilt which keeps
me awake.  and my next door neighbor is my doctor so i don't need to even
call ambulance.  and if tomorrow is doomsday, what do you care?  harakiri?
kamikaze? family?  no, i do not have family i'm alone so only people who cries
when i die would be theo and IPv6 samurais and of course, "Father of Japanese
net", Jun Murai, IAB 1992-94.
PPPS: i'm not crazy.  i'm quite sane.  i'm king of v6.  the mental illness
story is real.  if you think you can beat me you ay fuck my anal and suck
my dick, or perform scull fuck.  or you can check with jinmei, who is the
only guy beats me.

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