Re: "so-called" keyword and layer 3

James Seng/Personal <> Tue, 04 December 2001 15:41 UTC

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From: James Seng/Personal <>
Subject: Re: "so-called" keyword and layer 3
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I think you got my point. IDN success or failure is really independent
of IRNSS. We do know that whatever the case, there are certain
limitation of IDN whereby IRNSS is designed to solve.

If there are Korean keyword providers (and there are many!) who have
technical requirements to bring forward, please help them to bring them
to this group. I undestand communication is going to be a problem but
that is where you can help. I am sure John and others here are happy to
hear them.

John's draft is unique in the sense that there is a "business model"
section in it but it is definately not a norm. But lets try to keep
business issues out of it unless of course John feels that he wants
feedback on his "business plan section". If that is the case, I have no
comments :-)

-James Seng

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From: "YangWoo Ko" <>
To: "James Seng/Personal" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 10:49 PM
Subject: Re: "so-called" keyword and layer 3

> On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 09:59:23PM +0800, James Seng/Personal wrote:
> > I believe the norm of the IETF has not take existing business
> > requirements into consideration. Their technical input, however,
> > be appreciated.
> Dear Jame Seng,
> Thank you for comment. I did not mention "direct navigaion" as a
> requirement. This is required for Klensin's search model to fulfill
> basic purpose - "Save our DNS ! Let it work and be used as it was
> for !"
> There have been several approaches to fill up the difference between
> itself and what (non Latin script) people expect DNS to be. As there
> no standard to address this issue, commercial companies jumped into
> area to mine gold. These miners happened to (under)mine DNS as a side
> effect. So, we are hearing emergency call from DNS related areas. IDN
> Klensin's search is going to answer this call.
> If IDN WG succeeded in standardization and we suceeded in deploying
> (personally I really hope so) it could relieve this burden and
> search would concentrate on other issues. But, when considering
> search, we would better not assume so many things. So, I still think
> some name service which supports "direct navigation" and hence serves
> an alternative to "internationalized network resource name" is needed
> to lessen unnecessary and even harmful overload on DNS and to prevent
> Internet be tangled along boarders of "so-called" keyword service
> providers.
> My best regards
> --
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