RE: Where we stand and where we are going

John C Klensin <> Thu, 27 June 2002 19:12 UTC

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--On Thursday, 27 June, 2002 11:44 -0700 Nicolas Popp
<> wrote:

> I strongly agree with Leslie on that one (it reminds me of the
> WAP binary XML debate).
> That being said, I am not even sure why we are focusing on the
> transport at this stage.

Let me both agree and try to answer your question...

There are, at the moment, exactly two protocol, or
near-protocol, documents on the table that address basic issues
at sublayer two (I'm not counting the ex-RealNames one because
of it "deal with the other facets later" approach -- doesn't
make it wrong, just in a different category).  One is SLS, the
other is "Chinese character string" one.  Most of us aren't
competent to discuss the latter in any depth, so why not discuss
the former?  :-(

Of course, the solution to this is "more drafts"

> Maybe it is just me, but my recollection from the Mineapolis
> meeting is that we still have substantial conceptual issues
> for which I have not seen clear definition or consensus. 
>> From the top of my head: what is the final list for layer 2
>> facets (e.g.
> what about service-type, serviceID and network-location?
> String matching rules: how fuzzy does it need to be? Do we
> need to standardize string matching rules within a cultural
> context (e.g. geography & language) or is it up to the
> service? should the match fuzzines be specified in the query
> (distance function)? How? Should the output be DNS names or
> URIs?...

There is more on some of this in the new version of dns-search
(pieces will go out tonight or tomorrow if I don't die of
heatstroke first), but we will still need protocol documents.

The list I sent you some months ago when you asked what people
should be doing is, of course, an orthogonal cut at the above.