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Network Management Research Group Report
March and May 2006

NMRG report March 2006:

[1] Two day NMRG meeting was held at KTH in Stockholm in January to

     (a) promise theory - a formal way to describe and reason about
         promise relationships and policies in distributed systems

     (b) distributed monitoring - algorithms to dynamically distribute
         data collection and aggregation

     The the November 2005 meeting report for a more detailed
     description and the meeting web page which is linked to the NMRG
     home page.

[2] Work on SNMP traffic trace collection and analysis progresses and
     might be discussed at the Montreal IETF meeting

[3] The European Union is funding a "Network of Excellence" (NoE) in
     the area of network and service management called EMANICS. The
     project start was January 2006 and it is expected to continue for
     four years. For more details, see <http://www.emanics.org/>. It is
     on the activities done in the NMRG.


NMRG report May 2006:

[1] An individual submission which describes the SNMP measurement
     activities has been accepted and posted as an NMRG document. Work
     on measurements and analysis software is progressing, mainly
     driven by people from the International University Bremen
     (Germany) and the University of Twente (Netherlands). A proposal
     is underway to get additional support via the EU funded EMANICS

[2] There are plans to organize an NMRG meeting (e.g. 2 hours) during
     the IETF week in Montreal in order to discuss first results from
     the SNMP measurement activities with IETF people.

[3] The mailing list is a bit too quiet since most of the interactions
     currently happen between individuals working on specific tasks.
     The chair has started efforts to change this and to bring more
     discussions to the mailing list.


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