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Network Management Research Group Report
November 2005:

[1] The 19th NMRG meeting is under preparation. We are planning a two
    day meeting focusing on (a) promise theory and (b) P2P approaches
    for network management. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for
    January 2006 and will be hosted by the KTH in Stockholm (Sweden)
    or the University College Oslo (Norway).

    Promise theory has been proposed by a group working at the UC Oslo
    (Norway) as a new way to describe how policy-based systems or
    self-organizing systems are organized. Traditional policy-based
    systems are based on policy rules sets where each rule is made up
    of conditions (expressions) and actions.  Sometimes, rules can be
    explicitly bound to event (on <event> if <condition> then <action>
    rules). This rule-based approach ultimately requires logics for
    the analysis of such rule-based policy systems (e.g., for conflict
    detection).  Promise theory, on the other hand, takes a graph
    theoretic approach which puts promise relationships between nodes
    into the main focus. Promise theory therefore leads to
    graph-theoretic approaches for analysis and reasoning.

    P2P approaches to network management are being researched by a
    group at the KTH Stockholm (Sweden). Their goal is to establish
    management overlays that organize the distribution of management
    information and distributed automatic aggregation of data in the
    management overlay network. The purpose is to find out in which
    areas P2P approaches can be used for management and whether such
    technologies allow to overcome the classic hierarchical network
    management model.

[2] Work is (slowly) making progress on network management traffic
    measurements on production networks. The goal is to obtain hard
    data how management protocols are used in practice in order to
    better understand the protocols strengths and shortcomings and
    the requirements for alternate new management mechanisms. The
    measurement and data analysis tool-set is currently being worked
    on and first results are expected to be available in the Summer

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