Re: [KAML] Re: Chicago bar-BOF summary

Gerald Beuchelt <> Fri, 14 September 2007 12:34 UTC

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From: Gerald Beuchelt <>
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Douglas E. Engert wrote:
> Gerald Beuchelt wrote:
>> It is my understanding (and I am also no lawyer!) that the article by 
>> John Brezak carries a patent license regarding the actual content of 
>> the document itself.
>> Now, this document specifies the PAC for Windows 2000, with the 
>> exception of 18 reserved fields. What it also does not specify is any 
>> PAC changes in XP, 2003, Vista, or 2008. It also does not specify any 
>> backend infrastructure (e.g. discovery or resolution services, policy 
>> tools, or data storage, etc.) that might or might not be covered by 
>> patents or other intellectual property rights. Also, some of the 
>> default SIDs in the Windows implementation that are required for 
>> evaluating group membership (e.g. EVERYONE, etc.) are also not 
>> included in this document.
> There was also the IETF:
> draft-brezak-win2k-krb-authz-01.txt
> from October 2002, I still have a copy, but does not address XP, 2003
> or Vista.
> Samba has been working on using the PAC created by Windows, and trying
> to get XP to use a Samba/Heimdal created PAC. So they may have addressed
> a lot of these issues.
(Disclaimer: I have not been actively working on these subjects for a 
few years - please be patient with me and correct my failing memory :-))

The samba 3 domain model is distincly different from the AD/Windows 
200x  and NT4 domain models in that it is completely non-interoperable: 
you can not mix samba domain controllers into an AD or NT4 domain, or 
vice versa. The now-in-alpha samba 4 tries to address this - I will 
probably take a closer look at where they are at this point in time.

>> In addition, I do seem to remember that Microsoft at some time 
>> offered a complete description (purportedly including the 18 reserved 
>> fields) of the PAC that came with a license explicitly prohibiting 
>> implementation. Since I did not touch this document, I cannot speak 
>> to its actual content.
>> So, as I am not a lawyer, I am quite paranoid when it comes to other 
>> people's IPR and license terms. Therefore I am just cautioning the 
>> use of these specifications, since they are (i) old (Windows 2000), 
>> (ii) not peer-reviewed, and (iii) not published by an established 
>> standards organization with a clear IPR regime.
>> Sorry to be such a pain, but if the majority of this group is intend 
>> on pursuing the NT PAC path, I would suggest that someone approaches 
>> Microsoft to get clarification about the status of the spec.
> I don't think trying to add something to the Microsoft PAC is a good 
> idea.
> But if they add something "Level of assurance" to the PAC using it is
> another story.

> Adding another auth_data element of SAML does not require the 
> Microsoft PAC.
Assuming that Windows (and other Kerb implementations) ignore data after 
the PAC, yes?



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