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"Don Osborn" <dzo@bisharat.net> Wed, 21 March 2007 11:53 UTC

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Doug, Addison, Thanks for the clarifications. I wasn't clear how outside codes are taken in by ietf-languages, but since the set of regional codes is already in the registry that's great. Don

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> From: Doug Ewell [mailto:dewell@adelphia.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 2:03 AM
> To: LTRU Working Group
> Cc: Don Osborn
> Subject: Re: Numerical region subtags (RE: extlang)
> Don Osborn <dzo at bisharat dot net> wrote:
> > So the Africa numerical region subtags have not been defined/adopted
> > by IETF-languages, but the Latin America numerical tag "419" has?
> > (Hence es-419?) Not that I'm planning on it, but if there were a need
> > for a tag for say East African Swahili or for African French, one
> > would need to make the proposal to IETF-languages?
> Addison replied:
> > What Doug is saying is: the codes and what they mean are defined by
> > the UN, not by separate registration on the ietf-languages list.
> I think there are two sources of misunderstanding here; that's one of
> them.  The other stems from the presence of the tag "es-419" in the
> Registry.  It was registered in the late RFC 3066 era when we knew the
> numeric region subtags were going to be available shortly.  We had
> previously argued over a tag for "Latin American Spanish" and it became
> clear that we could register "es-419" almost for free -- it would meet
> the immediate need without adding another grandfathered tag (or variant
> subtag) to the mix.
> The ietf-languages group no longer registers whole tags, but rather
> subtags.  At the same time, all of the UN numeric code elements that
> represent macro-geographical areas -- all of them -- are available
> using
> the generative model.  So the presence of the redundant tag "es-419" in
> the Registry is a historical curiosity only; it is no more or less
> legitimate than "sw-014" or "fr-002", the two tags Don asked about.
> You
> can use those tags today if you like.
> My list of six numeric subtags dealing with Africa was copied from the
> Registry, not from the UN list.
> There are a few UN M.49 code elements that have not been carried over
> as
> region subtags, the ones that represent economic groupings.  An example
> is 199, "Least developed countries."  This group includes countries as
> diverse (geographically and linguistically) as Cape Verde, Bangladesh,
> and Vanuatu; such groupings would be pointless in language tags.  (By
> comparison, Don has shown clearly what others have disputed, that there
> is a demand for macro-geographical subtags and that they can have
> meaning.)
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