[Ltru] Re: Review of 4646bis-10, sections 3.5 to App. B

John Cowan <cowan@ccil.org> Fri, 14 December 2007 20:58 UTC

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> Here's the rest of my review, except for the macrolanguage section of 4.1,
> which is in a separate posting.  

Only a few of these changes made it in to -11 either.

3.5: s/all other fields/any other fields/.

3.5: remove single-sentence graf about extended language subtags.

3.5: draft has both "publicly" and "publically" in different places;
both are orthographically acceptable, but pick one and stick to it.

3.5: s/language is registered/language is already registered/.

3.8: rename section to "Replacement of the Language Subtag Registry";
s/update/replacement/; s/updated/replacement/.

3.8: s/Once published/Once the registry is published/.

4.1: s/Sometimes there is a choice/There is always a choice/, which is
much nearer the truth.

4.1: s/thus not be selected/thus will not be selected/.

4.1: s/zh-cmn/cmn/ (twice).

4.4: The definition of "canonical form" here shouldn't have MUSTard in
it; a definition is just a definition and shouldn't have any modal verbs.
Point 2, s/SHOULD be/are/.  Point 3, /MUST be/are/.   Point 4, same as 3.

4.5: suggested rewrite of grafs 1-3:

        The value and semantic meaning of private use tags and of
        the subtags used within such a language tag are not defined
        by this document.  Like all other subtags, they MUST conform
        to the format and content constraints in the ABNF. They have
        no meaning outside the private agreement between the parties
        that intend to use or exchange language tags that employ them,
        and so are are simply useless for information exchange without
        prior arrangement.  The same subtags MAY be used with a different
        meaning under a separate private agreement. They SHOULD NOT be
        used where alternatives exist and SHOULD NOT be used in content
        or protocols intended for general use.

        However, a language tag which combines private use subtags with
        other subtags conveys more information that a purely private use
        tag prefixed by the singleton subtag 'x'. For some applications,
        this additional information MAY be useful.

5.1: s/update the registry/replace the existing registry in its entirety/.

7: s/rendering engines sometimes use/rendering engines MAY use/.

8 [record-jar]: add "chapter 5".

[This one is reworded]

Appendix B: divide final section into "Some Invalid Tags" and "Some
Ill-Formed Tags".  My suggestions for invalid tags are xxx-Defg-HQ,
en-nedis, (which may become valid at some future time), de-1996-1996, and
ar-a-aaa-b-bbb-a-ccc.  My suggestions for ill-formed tags are de-419-DE,
en-nuspelling, a-de, and perhaps a few more.

John Cowan   http://ccil.org/~cowan    cowan@ccil.org
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