Minutes of MHS-DS meeting in San Jose

Kevin Jordan <Kevin.E.Jordan@cdc.com> Fri, 16 December 1994 23:05 UTC

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Here are the minutes of the MHS-DS meeting in San Jose.  Please return any
comments or updates you may have to me by next Thursday, December 22.

Minutes of MHS-DS Working Group
Wednesday December 7 San Jose

     Chairpersons:  Kevin Jordan       <Kevin.Jordan@cdc.com>
                    Harald Alvestrand  <Harald.T.Alvestrand@uninett.no>

Meeting Secretary:  Linda Millington   <Linda.Millington@cdc.com>

1. Document Status

The following MHS-DS documents are being progressed as Experimental Standards:

 Representing Tables and Subtrees in the X.500 Directory

 Use of the X.500 Directory to support mapping between X.400 and
 RFC 822 Addresses

 Representing the O/R Address hierarchy in the X.500 Directory Information Tree

 MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support MHS Routing

The following MHS-DS document is being progressed as an Informational RFC:

 Introducing Project Long Bud: Internet Pilot Project for the Deployment of
 X.500 Directory Information in Support of X.400 Routing

2. Disposition of MHS-DS

After some discussion it was felt that there wasn't currently enough interest 
in distribution lists and content conversion to warrant keeeping the group 
active, so it was decided to declare victory and close the group.

3. Long Bud Pilot

With the decision to close MHS-DS, reporting on the Long Bud pilot has been
moved to the IDS Working Group.  The purpose of the Long Bud pilot project
is to validate the MHS-DS directory-based routing concepts by deploying
the technology on the Internet and evaluating its usage.  Thus, the Long
Bud pilot is continuing, and the MHS-DS distribution list will continue to
be used to communicate information and status about it.

The current status of the Pilot is that two core DSAs are functional, one in
the US and one in Europe. The Internic have agreed to provide a second
core DSA in the US and EDF a second European core DSA.

Timeframe and Milestones

By the 32nd IETF :

	4 core DSAs functional
	RFC 1327 Mapping Tables populated
	Routing information populated and validated 

By the 33rd IETF :

	Report on usage
	Declare success

A lot of the information currently in the open tree is faulty. MTAs in the
open tree should be accessible. Kevin will sort out the c=US part of the tree
and work on loading the mapping tables into the Directory. Urs will work with
Kevin to provide a triggered mechanism for obtaining table update from

There was discussion about how to deal with other countries with a number
of people taking actions to populate and validate entries. Urs voiced a
concern that mail routed via the open tree must be repliable.

It was considered important to encourage more people to participate in the

Urs reported on the recent MHS-Managers meeting and said that X.400 (88) is
currently higher on the agenda than MHS-DS.

4. Conclusion

The work and experience of MHS-DS will be reported to ISO via Dick Jesmajian,
the US X.400 Rapporteur.


Action : Sylvain Langlois
Second European core DSA will be operational in January 1995

Action : Kevin Jordan
Talk to the Internic about timescales for the second US core DSA

Action : Linda Millington
Find out the status of the Long Bud DSA running at ULCC

Action : Kevin Jordan, Urs Eppenberger
Kevin will work with Urs on a triggered mechanism for obtaining mapping
table updates from SWITCH. Sylvain is doing similar work which will also
be tracked.

Action : Kevin Jordan
Populate and validate the c=US open community routing tree

Action : Urs Eppenberger
Register Swiss ADMDs and PRMDs

Action : Harald Alvestrand
Register Norwegian ADMDs and PRMDs in January/February

Action : Linda Millington
Check the c=GB portion of the open community routing tree

Action : Kevin Jordan, Urs Eppenberger
Urs has some contact names for Portugal to try to solve the current
connectivity problems.