status of Open Community Routing Tree

Kevin Jordan <> Sat, 18 March 1995 17:56 UTC

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Subject: status of Open Community Routing Tree
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From: Kevin Jordan <>
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In the past week, the number of visible entries in the Open Community Routing
Tree increased by nearly an order of magnitude.  In addition, up to
date mTAInfo referencing an MTA at Sheffield Hallam University has appeared.
This would seem to provide further evidence that an MHS-DS compliant version
of PP is available in the academic community.

---------------------------- Entries ----------------------------

A total of 3561 MHS-DS class directory entries were found

----------------------------- MTA's -----------------------------
The following MTA's were discovered.  The domains which reference
each MTA are listed below it.

cn=shu-mta2, cn=redwood, o=Sheffield Hallam University, c=GB
   O=sheffield-hallam; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 

cn=Hull-Mta1, o=university of Hull, c=GB
   O=hull; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 

cn=MTA-hare, pRMDName=CDC, aDMDName=ATTMail, c=US
   P=CDC; A=ATTMail; C=US; 
   O=CPG; P=CDC; A=ATTMail; C=US; 

cn=MTA-mercury, pRMDName=CDC, aDMDName=ATTMail, c=US
   P=CDC; A=ATTMail; C=US; 
   O=CPG; P=CDC; A=ATTMail; C=US; 

cn=MTA-zeus, pRMDName=CDC, aDMDName=ATTMail, c=US
   P=CDC; A=ATTMail; C=US; 
   O=CPG; P=CDC; A=ATTMail; C=US; 

cn=esnet.wep.west, pRMDName=ESnet, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=US
   P=ANL; A=" "; C=US; 
   P=ESnet; A=" "; C=US; 
   P=USDOE; A=ATTMail; C=US; 
   O=HR; P=USDOE; A=ATTMail; C=US; 
   O=ER; P=USDOE; A=ATTMail; C=US;, pRMDName=XNREN, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=US
   P=Internet; A=" "; C=US; 
   P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=Merit-Computer-Network; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=Mitre; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=Rice-Univ; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=UPenn; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=RomeLab; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=UW-Madison; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=MCNC; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 
   O=NSF; P=XNREN; A=" "; C=US; 

----------------------- Obsolete mTAInfo ------------------------
The following domains have obsolete mTAInfo attributes.  They do
-not- conform to the MHS-DS specifications

O=uq;; A=Telememo; C=AU; 
P=FernUni-Hagen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=ba-freiberg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=badw-muenchen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=bam-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=bba; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=belwue; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=bessy; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=bgr; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=bib-bvb; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=bitnet; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=bsh; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=daimlerbenz; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=danet; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dbi-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=detecon; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dfg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dfn; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dfnrelay; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dhzb; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dife; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=din; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=diw-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dji-muenchen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dkrz; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=dwd; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=eurescom; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=euv-frankfurt-o; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fgan; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-anhalt; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-augsburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-coburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-darmstadt; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-dortmund; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-flensburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-frankfurt; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-friedberg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-fulda; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-furtwangen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-giessen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-hamburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-kiel; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-lausitz; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-luebeck; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-magdeburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-merseburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-muenchen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-regensburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-rosenheim; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-rpl; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-schweinfurt; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-weihenstephan; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-wiesbaden; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-wilhelmshaven; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fh-wolfenbuettel; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fhg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fhs-esslingen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fhss-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fhtw-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=fiz-chemie; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=gbf-braunschweig; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=gesis; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=gkss; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=gmd; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=grs; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=gwdg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hab-weimar; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hfv-dresden; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hlfu; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hmi; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hmt-hannover; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hoechst-ag; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hs-wismar; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=htw-dresden; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=htw-zittau; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=htwm; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=hu-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=iaas-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=iap-kborn; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=ifn-magdeburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=ifw-dresden; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=ihp; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=io-warnemuende; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=juris; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=kfk; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=kowi; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=ku-eichstaett; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=lrz-muenchen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=mh-hannover; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=mu-luebeck; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=ruhr-uni-bochum; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=rwi-essen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tfh-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=th-darmstadt; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=th-leipzig; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=th-merseburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tiho-hannover; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-braunschweig; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-chemnitz; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-clausthal; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-cottbus; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-dresden; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-harburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-ilmenau; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=tu-muenchen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-augsburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-bamberg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-bayreuth; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-bielefeld; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-dortmund; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-duesseldorf; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-erlangen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-frankfurt; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-freiburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-giessen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-greifswald; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-halle; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-hamburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-hannover; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-heidelberg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-hildesheim; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-jena; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-karlsruhe; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-kiel; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-koeln; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-konstanz; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-leipzig; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-magdeburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-mannheim; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-marburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-muenchen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-regensburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-rostock; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-siegen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-stuttgart; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-tuebingen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-ulm; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-wuerzburg; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=uni-wuppertal; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=unibw-muenchen; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=verwalt-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=vw; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=wiko-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=wtza-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=zfk-rossendorf; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=zib-berlin; A=d400; C=DE; 
P=cicb; A=0; C=FR; 
P=citilille; A=0; C=FR; 
P=cnrs-gif; A=0; C=FR; 
P=edfexp; A=0; C=FR; 
P=hbroussais; A=0; C=FR; 
P=paris7; A=0; C=FR; 
P=sfe; A=0; C=FR; 
P=Y-NET; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=Y-NETGW; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=acerli; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=aero-de; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=bnp; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=bull; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=bullccdmm; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=ccett; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=cdc; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=cea; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=cicb; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=cirad; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=cnam; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=cnes; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=cnet; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=coe; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=dass-elec; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=digital; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=e3x; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=edfatlas1; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=edfder; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=edfdgmit; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=edt; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=elf01; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=emse; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=epilog; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=ftdc; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=glvt-cnrs; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=iea; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=inria; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=irisa; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=irpeacs; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=lal-in2p3; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=matups; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=mctel; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=msh-paris; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=mydpa1; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=rp; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=rrtr; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=sept; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=social; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=sycomore; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=thomson; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=ts-e3x; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=u-paris10; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=unicaen; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=unilim; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=urec; A=atlas; C=FR; 
P=bitnet; A=red; C=FR; 
P=internet; A=red; C=FR; 
P=uucp; A=red; C=FR; 
OU=cl; O=cam; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 
OU=test-smtp; O=cam; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 
O=cambridge; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 
OU=computer-lab; O=cambridge; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 
O=salford; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 
O=salford; P=UK.AC; A=" "; C=GB; 
P=CTInet; A=" "; C=GR; 
P=torun; A=nask400; C=PL; 
O=nasa; P=arc; A=Telemail; C=US; 
OU=akbar; O=nasa; P=arc; A=Telemail; C=US; 

------------------------- Search Errors -------------------------
The following errors occurred while searching branches of the Open
Community Routing Tree.  In each case, the error which occurred is
listed along with the branches which were being searched.

The Common DUA could not connect to the Directory System Agent under the specified username and password.
   pRMDName=CTInet, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GR
   aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=NO

The Directory System Agent encountered an error in the Directory structure or content.
   mHSO=sheffield-hallam, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB

The Directory System Agent encountered an alias entry or master/slaveDSA attribute whose reference is invalid.
   mHSO=nexor, pRMDName=NEXOR, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=admin, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=bio-medical-physics, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=computing-science, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=engineering, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=erg, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=geology, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=maths, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=psychology, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=xmail, mHSO=aberdeen, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=admin, mHSO=abertay-dundee, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB
   mHSOU=aries, mHSO=abertay-dundee, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB

The Directory System Agent terminated the request because it had exceeded its timelimit.
   mHSO=hull, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB

---------------------- Long Search Times ------------------------
While traversing the Open Community Routing Tree, the following search
times greater than 10 seconds were recorded for the listed domains.

13 seconds:
   pRMDName=torun, aDMDName=nask400, c=PL

16 seconds:
   pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB

17 seconds:

30 seconds:
   mHSOU=hbmain, mHSO=east-london, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB

49 seconds:
   mHSO=ncr, pRMDName=iihe, aDMDName=rtt, c=BE

53 seconds:
   mHSO=jnt, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB

-------------------------- Read Times --------------------------
While traversing the Open Community Routing Tree, the following
times greater than 10 seconds were recorded for reading the
listed entries.

21 seconds:
   mHSOU=www, mHSO=falmouth, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB

25 seconds:
   mHSOU=doc, mHSO=nottingham-trent, pRMDName=UK.AC, aDMDName={T.61}\20, c=GB