Reply to routingInformation and routedUA

Kevin Jordan <> Tue, 17 January 1995 18:28 UTC

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> I am currently working on the MHSDS draft dated May 1995.

I assume you are referencing the draft dated November 1994, which -expires-
in May 1995.  This draft has been progressed onto the Experimental Internet
Standard track and should be assigned an RFC number very soon.

> I have a question regarding the routingInformation and
> routedUA object class definition. The attribute
> nonDeliveryInformation is defined in both classes and the
> routedUA is a sub class of the routingInformation object
> class. Where is the mistake : should this attribute be defined
> in routingInformation or only in routedUA object class.

It may have been redundant to define nonDeliveryInformation in the
routedUA class, but this is not a serious error.  Subclass definitions may
contain attributes which are also defined in their superclasses.