Re: editorial comments on routing document

Steve Kille <> Fri, 23 September 1994 15:41 UTC

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Thanks for these very useful comments.   I'd also like to thank Alan
Young, who has taken a full pass over the documents.   This work will
be much appreciated by others that come to the documents.  A few

 - Strong Authentication is defined
 - I don't think that it is usual or sensible for RFC authors to include
	fax numbers

 - There are a couple of places in the ASN.1 where you note
	inconsistencies of naming convention.    I decided to leave these,
	as it is quite legal and a certain sweet disorder.....

 - You suggest that SecurityError should be changed to Error.  I disagree,
	but note that I have clarified the text in that section.
	Could you review this again?

 - I have retained a number of notes in the text.  In line with the
discussions with John Klensin, it seems desirable to get this spec out
ASAP.  I think that it is better to leave notes about issues which
still need consideration, than to present this work as perfection.

I've now finished editing all four of the documents.    Three have
been submitted as I-Ds, and should immediately go formard into the RFC
process.   The big document is being reviewed by a small team
(including you), and will then be submitted.