X.500 Catalog

Christopher Walon Apple <capple@arch4.ho.att.com> Sat, 25 February 1995 01:38 UTC

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From: Christopher Walon Apple <capple@arch4.ho.att.com>
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Subject: X.500 Catalog

Please excuse multiple copies due to cross-posting.

I will be updating RFC 1632, A Revised Catalog of Available X.500
Implementations, soon. So far, there are descriptions of 26 different
implementations contained in the RFC. Please check RFC 1632 to see
if your organization or company is already included before replying
to this message; your organization or company will be contacted separately
if already included in the RFC.

If your company or organization is not currently include in RFC 1632, and
you wish to be included in the next version, please contact me on:

    (1st Choice)  capple@arch4.ho.att.com

    (2nd Choice)  (908) 949-5937

    (Last Choice) AT&T Bell Laboratories
                  Room 1L-338 
                  101 Crawfords Corner Rd.
                  Holmdel, NJ 07733-3030

Chris Apple
AT&T Bell Laboratories
(908) 949-5937