Engineer's Interop March 1995, Call For Papers

"B.V. Jagadeesh" <> Thu, 22 September 1994 02:33 UTC

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Subject: Engineer's Interop March 1995, Call For Papers

Hi - :

I would like to take this opportunity in inviting you personally on 
behalf of Interop'95 to write and present a technical paper in the area
of High Speed Networking, Internetworking or Network Management.
Interop'95 is holding an Engineer's conference mainly to
address the engg issues (please see attached for more details)
in the above mentioned areas.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send me an abstract
of the paper you intend presenting. It is a nice opportunity to present your
thoughts to a well attended and knowledgeable people in the related field. If 
you know of any one who can also do a paper, please forward this mail or 
mail me the address.

Looking forward to hearing from you


                            Call for Papers
           Engineer's Conference at "NetWorld(R) + INTEROP(R) 95"           

Interop Company is soliciting technical papers for an Engineer's
Conference to be held as part of the upcoming "NetWorld + Interop 95"
event, March 27-31 1995, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Engineer's
Conference, which will run March 29-30,  is a two-day focused event
offering approaches and solutions to practical systems and software
design for networking. All participants in the conference will be
able to attend the "NetWorld + Interop 95" exhibition, which will
run from Mar 28-30.


The conference will feature the presentation of original papers
which will have been selected by a review committee. All accepted
papers will be published in Conference Proceedings. Accepted papers
must be presented by original authors during the 2-day conference. 

The Engineer's Conference will concentrate on engineering design
problems in three areas: High Speed Networking, Internetworking,
and Network Management. This conference seeks to bring together
research scholars, engineers, and vendors to address pragmatic
engineering issues in the field of networking and distributed
systems interoperability. It is an excellent forum for Engineers
and Researchers to publish papers on solutions to today's
engineering-related problems.

Papers are solicited in the following areas:

*   High Speed Networking: ATM, Fast Ethernet, SONET, FDDI-II,
    HIPPI, SMDS, Frame Relay, Broadband ISDN, etc.
*   Internetworking: Design of Bridges, Routers, and Multiprotocol
    Brouters, Addressing Schemes, Routing Protocols, Application 
    Gateways, SwitchLAN Technology etc.
*   Network Management: Bandwidth utilization, Traffic Trend
    Analysis/Capacity Planning, Automated Trouble Ticket Systems,
    Congestion detection, Network Simulation, SNMP v1 and v2, Security,
    Export considerations for secure systems, Manager-to-manager
    communications, Standardized Testing Suites, Expert Systems,
    Accounting, Distributed/Hierarchical Management architectures, etc.

Interested authors are invited to submit an abstract (up to 100
words) clearly describing the problem and the solution offered. All
abstracts will be reviewed and authors are notified for acceptance
or rejection of the abstract. Authors of accepted abstracts must
submit the paper before the last date. These papers are reviewed by
a technical committee for technical merit of the paper before final

Please note the important dates for abstract and paper submission.
All abstracts must contain the authors name, address, telephone
number, Fax number and e-mail address (if available). 

Please send your abstract to:

Interop Company
303, Vintage Park Dr. Suite 201
Foster City, CA-94404

Attn: Engineer's Conference

or e-mail it (in ASCII ) to:

** E-mail is preferred. **

= Important Dates =
Abstracts due:		Oct. 1, 1994 
Notification to Authors Oct. 15, 1994
Draft paper due: 	Dec. 1, 1994 
Feedback to authors:	Dec. 24, 1994 
Camera ready copy due:	Jan. 10, 1995 
Overhead slides due:	Feb. 15, 1995