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The core MHS-DS protocol specification documents have been installed in
the usual internet-drafts directories, and I have also placed copies in
the MHS-DS archive on host  The core files are:





Please review these documents before the upcoming IETF meeting.  Unless there
are significant comments against them, the documents will be progressed as
RFC's following the meeting.

Also, please review the "Intro to Project Long Bud" draft.  This can also
be obtained from the normal internet-draft sites and from
The pathname on is:


This document defines the Long Bud pilot project and specifies how to
participate in it.  The infrastructure for the pilot project is already
under construction.  Two of the proposed four core DSA's which will support
the pilot are in operation.  One of the DSA's is located in the US, and the
other is located in the UK.  The US DSA is named "cn=Long Bud, c=US", and the
UK DSA is named "cn=Ornate Hawk Eagle, c=GB".  At the present time, these
DSA's are replicating all X.400 routing information for all ADMD's and PRMD's
currently registered in the Internet directory under c=GB and c=US.  Support
for fail-over has also been established by configuring slaveDSA attributes in
nonleaf ADMD and PRMD entries.

We hope to bring a second core European DSA into operation before the
upcoming IETF meeting (Sylvain, are you listening?), and a second core US
DSA may become available in August.  Going forward, we need to establish
agreements with Internet DSA managers in other countries such that the
core DSA's can replicate all ADMD and PRMD levels of the Open Community
routing tree.  We must also start verifying that the routing information
registered in the directory is accurate and that the guidelines defined in
the "Long Bud Introduction" Internet Draft are followed.