last 9 days of MHTML WG Last Call

Einar Stefferud <> Fri, 06 September 1996 22:08 UTC

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Subject: last 9 days of MHTML WG Last Call
From: Einar Stefferud <>
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We now have final drafts posted for all parts of the MHTML WG Proposed
Standard to be given final blessing by the MHTML WG between now and 15
September, at which time we will ask our Area Directors to place the
work before the IESG for IETF Last Call.

I am including a CC of this notice to IETF <> to
alert IETF participants to the fact that the MHTML WG is in its WG
Last Call stage, and that IETF Last Call is planned for 15 September,
to conclude on 15 October.

  05/15 09:38EDT Internet-Drafts  I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-mhtml-related-00.txt
  08/28 09:24EDT Internet-Drafts  I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-mhtml-spec-03.txt
  08/28 09:24EDT Internet-Drafts  I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-mhtml-info-03.txt
  09/03 09:32EDT Internet-Drafts  I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-mhtml-cid-00.txt

There has been no substantive discussion on the MHTML Mailing List
<> since 26 August, so it is time for any last
comments to now be submitted to the MHTML Mailing list.

If no further comments are posted to the WG List by 15 September, as
WG MHTML Chair, I will declare WG consensus and we will proceed with
the IESG Proposed Standard approval process.

If there are any comments, they will be promptly considerd and
resolved by the WG in order to hold to our schedule for completion.

Best regards...\Stef