Re: Recursive look up of base in outer headers

Jacob Palme <> Mon, 01 September 1997 10:13 UTC

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To: Al Gilman <>,
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Subject: Re: Recursive look up of base in outer headers
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At 09.05 -0400 97-08-30, Al Gilman wrote:
> Some reading I have done recently in the HTML 4 draft suggests
> that webmasters are interested in managing metadata such as
> locators for "house styles" on a directory (file tree) basis and
> not always at the atomic file level.  This is probably reflective
> of archive management practices more generally.  This suggests
> that bringing the MHTML base-finding rules in line with RFC 1808
> would be more consistent with the way that many of the files to
> be transmitted as MIME parts are managed at their originating
> sites, and you are more likely to get header usage in practice
> that matches the published rules.

Does your statement answer the question on which has highest
priority in deriving the base, an inner Content-Location or
an outer Content-Base?

Does this mean that people are mapping directory structure to MIME
multiparts? For example, if you have a directory structure:


then this is sent via e-mail as

Content-Type: Multipart/mixed
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=dir1
   Content-Type: text/plain
   Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=file1.1
   Content-Type: Multipart/mixed
   Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=dir1.2
      Content-Type: text/plain
      Content-Disposition: Attachment; filename=file1.2.1
   Content-Type: text/plain
   Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=file1.3

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