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To: Einar Stefferud <>
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Subject: Re: [AGENTS] BOF at IETF
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At 10:55 AM 11/18/96, wrote:
>I only see one possible remaining IETF issue that might be resolved in this
>thread.  This is the qquestion of what IETF thinks about, and might want to
>do about other groups going off an using IETF processes and rules to
>independently develop standards for use n the Internet.

I don't see why anyone couldn't use the same processes if they chose to.
I'm not sure how I would stop them, nor am I sure why I would want to.

>There will of course be calls for somone to coordinate non-IETF work with
>IETF, but I think the "rules" that require the work to be done in the open
>with open work processes and open ownership of the results will allow the
>IETF to maintai awareness of the work and its progress.  I expect many ETF
>people to aso participate n these other works.

Yes, people work in whatever forums their interests lie in, and nobody
expects that the horizon starts and stops with the IETF. The one comment I
will make there is that if coordination is intended, it generally doesn't
happen by itself.

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