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Sorry for the cross postings. I tried to address wg-msg with the  O/R address.
I did not get a copy. So I am addressing wg-msg with the equivalent RFC-822 



	I am posting this message on behalf of US-NMTS (US National Message 
Transfer Service) . The following letter was sent to MTA and UA software 
vendors, a couple of weeks back. Since the response was not overwhelming, we 
are taking all possible avenues to reach out to the software vendors. So, if 
you are a software vendor, please take a few minutes to answer the survey.

	If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Gary 
Rowe, Chair of US-NMTS.

Sant Srinivasan


	The US National Message Transfer Service Implementor's Group (US-NMTS) 
is a consortium of large messaging service providers seeking to facilitate an 
infrastructure to support ubiquitous X.400 messaging throughout the world. An 
initial effort in support of this objective is to simplify use of an X.400 O/R
address by allowing the insertion of a single space instead of requiring users
to expicitly identify an ADMD.

	Developing US and global support for a single space service requires 
the exchange of ADMD subscriber information and the establishment of operating
agreements amongst service providers. The US-NMTS has addressed these issues 
and currently has a pilot in place. Establishing an end-to-end single space 
service requires, however, that a customer's PRMD MTA and UA software also 
recognizes/supports the use of ADMD=" " .

	As a service to our respective customers, the US-NMTS will publicize 
those vendors fully supporting a single space service. The US-NMTS will 
provide a listing to the press of those software vendors (including the 
specific products) supporting ADMD=" ". For those vendors not supporting the 
single space service, but planning to support it in the future, we will list 
planned availability dates for specific products. For products not supporting 
single space, please provide information with respect to how your software 
will handle a message with an ADMD=" " O/R address (E.g., non-deliver, system 

	To be listed as a vendor supporting the US-NMTS single space please 
complete the attached survey for each appropriate product. Feel free to 
contact Gary Rowe, Chair of the US-NMTS, if you have any questions or require 
any additional information.


Gary J. Rowe
Chair, US-NMTS
X.400: C=US;A=ATTMAIL;G=Gary;S=Rowe;I=GJ;DDA:ID=gjrowe

			US-NMTS Survey

		Vendor Support for X.400 Single Space Service

Company Name:

Product Name (Including version number):

Product Description:

Operating System(s) Supported:

1984 or 1988 X.400:

Availability Date (General customer availability):

Support for ADMD=" ":



	Yes, with restrictions(explain):

	Future (Include date and version number)

If you answered yes to support for ADMD=" " please answer the following:

	If your software performs logging, will it log originator's O/R 
address, MPDU identifier and previous/next hop GDI ?

	If the next hop is an ADMD will you put the actual ADMD name in GDI?

	Does your user agent software provide a means for users to specify and 
display a single space value for the ADMD attribute in an O/R address?

	Does your user agent software pass a single space (not multiple spaces 
) to the MTA?

Are you willing to test your product with various ADMDs and PRMDs supporting 
the single space service?

Are you willing to commit resources to support a pilot?

Technical Contact Name, Telephone number:

Marketing Contact Name, Telephone number:

Any additional comments?