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Since the MIXER WG is now operational and it has it's own list, where
MIME_MHS stuff will be discussed I am closing down the mime-mhs list.
Those who want to be kept up to date on developments in mime-mhs
please subscribe to the ietf-mixer list as indicated below.

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Date:    Tue, 27 Jun 1995 17:14:55 -0400
From:    Steve Coya <scoya@CNRI.Reston.VA.US>
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Subject: WG ACTION: MIME - X.400 Gateway (mixer)

A new working group has been formed in the Applications Area of the
IETF. For more information, please contact the working group chairs or
the Area Directors.

MIME - X.400 Gateway (mixer)
- ----------------------------

     Urs Eppenberger <>

 Applications Area Director(s):
     John Klensin  <>
     Harald Alvestrand  <>

 Mailing lists:
     To Subscribe:
	 In Body:       subscribe ietf-mixer

Description of Working Group:

RFC1327 describes mappings to enable interworking between e-mail
systems using RFC822 and e-mail systems using CCITT X.400(88). RFC1327
is a proposed standard and up for review. A specially formed review
team has proposed to integrate RFC1494, RFC1495, outcome of the NOTARY
group (support for delivery notifications in SMTP) and align it with
X.400(92). The name of the specification is MIXER which stands for Mime
Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay.  The working group will review the MIXER
draft, refine it as needed and move the document to Proposed Standard.

The goal is to concentrate the work in a single document.

 Goals and Milestones:

   May 95 Start working group, mailing list, and archive.

   Jun 95 Submit Internet-Draft <draft-ietf-mixer-kille-00.txt>.

   Jul 95 Meet at Stockholm IETF. Review document, check that all comments from
	  implementors, service providers, and users have been addressed.

   Sep 95 Hold one day open review meeting at Richmind UK to eliminate spelling
	  error, correct BNF as needed, etc.

   Oct 95 Submit revision of Internet-Draft for final review and consensus.

   Dec 95 Hold meeting at Dallas IETF if needed.

   Jan 96 Submit Internet-Draft to IESG for consideration as a Proposed

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