rfc1495 & mime-body-part

Justin Ziegler <Justin.Ziegler@inria.fr> Tue, 31 May 1994 15:06 UTC

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Subject: rfc1495 & mime-body-part
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Could you please tell me if my reading of RFC 1494 is right. Page 7
of the text version, top half, point 6:

       (6)  Any header fields starting with "Content-" in the
            MIME body part is placed in the optional other-
            header-fields structure.

< I am not interested in the following note for the time being. >

Am I right in thinking this means that if somebody puts a
header field called X-body-part-of-the-day: in one of its
body parts, and this body part is mapped to a mime-body-part, then
the fancy header field is lost. This of course if the body part is
in a multipart, otherwise the header would be put in the heading

If I am right, why such a choice? why not keep all those headers?