V.58 Status

aclark@hayes.com Wed, 16 March 1994 13:23 UTC

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Those companies that participate in ITU-T SG14 will by now have received
a letter from Geneva listing the draft Recommendations that will be the
subject of a vote in June of this year.  These include both V.34 and V.58.

The current draft of V.58 is that resulting from the ITU-T SG14 meeting
last Fall, no changes have been made since then.  It is the intent of
Hayes and others to submit a contribution to TIA TR30.4 identifying
any necessary changes that need making to V.58 at the June meeting. The
changes identified to date are minor, and are essentially in the area
of ensuring that attributes are capable of mapping into ASN.1 compilable
form.  Under ITU rules, once a draft standard has been submitted for
accelerated approval then no substantial technical changes may be made.

Alan Clark
Hayes Microcomputer Products