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"Mark S. Lewis" <> Sat, 19 February 1994 00:30 UTC

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Thanks for putting this together.  Let's press on to finish up this

Your list of consensus looks pretty good.  There are a few small
things I will get to later.  I don't have any strong objection to what
you list.

If anyone has strong objections, please voice them now or your silence
will be interpreted as agreement.  Thanks.

... Mark

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>>>>> On Thu, 17 Feb 1994 16:07:51 -0500 (EST), Steven Waldbusser <waldbusser+@CMU.EDU> said:

> After studying the mailing list and gathering other opinions, I
> believe that we have concensus on the following items.  If anyone
> strongly objects to any of these points, they should raise the issue
> on the mailing list quickly.

> 1. 'mdmCCErrorControlUsed' should be the error control group, 
> 'mdmCCCompressionTypeUsed' should be in the data compression group,
> and mdmCCCurrentLineRate and mdmModulationSchemeUsed should be in the
> signalConvertor group.  These three groups would be created as a
> result of this action.

> 2. Delete the mdmCallProgressDetect object

> 3. Delete the mdmStatsDTERingNoAnswers object and change the
> definition of mdmStatsRingNoAnswers to:

>             "The number of events in which the modem has detected
>             ringing, but the call was not answered."

> 4. Move the compression efficency object to the mdmStats group and
> rename it mdmStatsCompressionEfficiency.  Calls without compression
> shall have a value of '100'.

> 5. Delete mdmCCAutoAnswerEnable and define a zero value of
> mdmCCRingsBeforeAnswer to disable Auto Answer.

> 6. mdmStatsSentDataFrames shall be defined as follows:

>     mdmStatsSentDataFrames OBJECT-TYPE
>         SYNTAX      Counter32
>         MAX-ACCESS  read-only
>         STATUS      current
>             "The number of data frames sent on the line interface.  If
>             there is no frame-oriented protocol in use on the line
>             interface, this counter shall not increment." 
>         ::= { mdmStatsEntry 20 }

> 7. Delete mdmLineCarrierLossControl and define a '255' value of
> mdmLineCarrierLossTime to disable carrier loss disconnects.

> 8. Add object id registrations for v21, v23CC, v23SC, v25bis, v26bis,
> v26ter, v27ter, v32terbo, v34, and V.FC.

> 9. Cap the length of dial strings at 64.

> 10. Split Current line rate into transmit rate and receive rate objects.