Re: Proposal for important new object

"Mark S. Lewis" <> Tue, 22 February 1994 19:10 UTC

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>>>>> On Mon, 21 Feb 94 08:58:18 EDT, said:

> The "busy out" condition was originally in V.58 however was replaced
> with the generic "Operational state" and "Administrative state"
> attributes.  These are non-product specific mechanisms for controlling
> a device to place it in-service and out-of-service.

> Alan Clark

Thanks for the comments.  I have forwarded them to the list.

`on-hook', `off-hook', and `connected' are operational states.  While
`unknown', `busied-out', and `reset' are probably administrative
states.  I like the finer granularity of the object as proposed.

Anyone have a problem with the restriction of management commands to
`on-hook', `busied-out', or `reset'?

Is it reasonable to put the modem `on-hook'?  Perhaps we just allow
management to `busied-out' and `reset'.  We rely on `reset' to put the
modem back in it's operational state.

... Mark

==========--------------       Mark S. Lewis      ----------==========       Telebit Corp.      Voice (408) 745-3232

> mdmLineState OBJECT-TYPE
>     SYNTAX      INTEGER {
>                     unknown(1),
>                     on-hook(2),
>                     off-hook(3),  -- and not connected
>                     connected(4),
>                     busied-out(5),
>                     reset(6)
>                 }
>     MAX-ACCESS  read-write
>     STATUS      current
>             "Allows the inspection and alteration of the state of the
>             modem.  Management commands may change the state to
>             `on-hook', `busied-out', or `reset' from any state.  No
>             other alterations are permitted from the management
>             protocol.  When this object is set to reset, the modem
>             shall be reset and the value will change to the modem's
>             new, implementation dependent state."
>     ::= { mdmLineEntry 2 }