I am going to submit this draft to the IESG

mogul (Jeffrey Mogul) Wed, 08 August 1990 21:43 UTC

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Date: 8 Aug 1990 1443-PDT (Wednesday)
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Subject: I am going to submit this draft to the IESG

    Subject: A New Internet-Draft: Path MTU Discovery
    Date: Wed, 08 Aug 90 11:19:51 -0400
    From: mdavies@NRI.Reston.VA.US
    A New Internet Draft is available from the on-line
    internet-drafts directories.
		    Title:  Path MTU Discovery
		    Authors:  J. Mogul, S. Deering
		    Filename: draft-ietf-mtudisc-pathmtu-02.txt 
    This memo describes a technique for dynamically discovering the
    maximum transmission unit (MTU) of an arbitrary internet path.  It
    specifies a small change to the way routers generate one type of ICMP
    message.  For a path that passes through a router that has not been
    so changed, this technique might not discover the correct Path MTU,
    but it will always choose a Path MTU as accurate as, and in many
    cases more accurate than, the Path MTU that would be chosen by
    current practice.
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    ***This draft is currently available at nnsc.nsf.net, and will be available
    at the other directories 8/11/90.