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mogul (Jeffrey Mogul) Mon, 09 July 1990 17:13 UTC

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Subject: New draft available

Most of you have seen this announcement, but I have to clear up
a few points:
(1) Although Greg Vaudreuil installed the new draft under the
right name, his announcement gives the file name of the previous
draft.  The file you want is:

(2) Most of the changes since draft...-00.txt are clarifications
of how hosts should process the ICMP messages.  I'm still waiting
for Van Jacobson to respond to my questions about the proper
behaviour of TCP.

(3) One person sent me a message requesting a minor change
to the specification of gateway behaviour.  Since I was not sure
the change was benign, I requested (twice) that the suggestion
be made to the entire mailing list.  For some reason, this
has not been done ... but in any case, if you are asking for
something that the working group is going to have to vote on,
please ask the entire working group!

My intention is to generate one more draft (with the TCP behaviour
specified) and submit that to the IESG, so please complain now
about substantive issues, or hold your peace.


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Subject: New MTU Discovery Internet Draft
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A new Internet Draft is available from the on-line internet-drafts

        Title:     Path MTU Discovery
        Author:    Steve Deering/ Stanford and
                   Jeff Mogul/ DEC
        Filename:  draft-ietf-mtudisc-pathmtu-00.txt

This memo describes a technique for dynamically discovering the
maximum transmission unit (MTU) of an arbitrary internet path.  It
specifies a small change to the way routers generate one type of ICMP
message.  For a path that passes through a router that has not been so
changed, this technique might not discover the correct Path MTU, but
it will always choose a Path MTU as accurate as, and in many cases
more accurate than, the Path MTU that would be chosen by current

Internet-Drafts are available from the following locations.

NSF Network Service Center

The Defense Data Network NIC

Pacific Rim


For questions, please mail to

Greg Vaudreuil

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