UPDATE ON PARKING - Working Group Meeting tomorror

mogul (Jeffrey Mogul) Mon, 11 December 1989 21:38 UTC

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From: mogul (Jeffrey Mogul)
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Date: 11 Dec 1989 1338-PST (Monday)
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Subject: UPDATE ON PARKING - Working Group Meeting tomorror

Over the weekend, the people around here who do such things "improved"
the "Paddleford Oldsmobile" parking lot by adding about 15 more spaces.
The bad news is that they also removed the "Paddleford Oldsmobile" sign.
So, this lot is now almost entirely anonymous.

The best way to recognize it is that it is the first, and only, parking
lot mostly enclosed with a tall cyclone fence on the (logical) east
side of Alma between Homer and Forest.  Also, on the wall of the building
at the north end of the lot, it says something like "towing   Ellison's".

Remember, if you get confused or if the lot is full or if a large
hungry lion is roaming around when you try to park there, park
temporarily on the street near our building and ask the receptionist
(probably named "Suzy" or "Susie", we have one of each) for help.