Latest draft available

mogul (Jeffrey Mogul) Thu, 10 May 1990 22:46 UTC

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From: mogul (Jeffrey Mogul)
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Date: 10 May 1990 1546-PDT (Thursday)
To: mtudwg
Subject: Latest draft available

A new Internet-Draft is now available from the online library of

        Title:        Path MTU Discovery
        Editors:      Jeff Mogul/DECWRL and 
		      Steve Deering/ Stanford	
                      for the MTU Discovery Working group
        Filename:     draft-ietf-mtudisc-pathmtu-00.txt

This draft describes a technique for dynamically discovering the
maximum transmission unit (MTU) of an arbitrary internet path.  It
specifies a small change to the way routers generate one type of ICMP
message.  For a path that passes through a router that has not been so
changed, this technique might not discover the correct Path MTU, but
it will always choose a Path MTU as accurate as, and in many cases
more accurate than, the Path MTU that would be chosen by current

This draft can be obtained via FTP from NNSC.NSF.NET with the
FILENAME above.  Login with FTP, username anonymous and password
guest.  Once connected cd "internet-drafts".

If you cannot FTP the draft and wish to have a copy sent to you,
please send a request to .

Greg Vaudreuil