* Discovery Working Groups -- Meeting Date and Place

Steve Deering <deering@pescadero.stanford.edu> Wed, 22 November 1989 01:16 UTC

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Subject: * Discovery Working Groups -- Meeting Date and Place
To: gw-discovery@gregorio.stanford.edu, mtudwg
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There will be a meeting of the IETF Gateway Discovery and MTU Discovery
working groups on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12 at the DEC Western Research Lab
in Palo Alto.

	MTU Discovery:  9 am to Noon
	GW  Discovery:  1 pm to 5 pm (possibly reconvening after supper,
				      if that seems worthwhile)

If you plan to attend either meeting and have not already done so,
please send send a message saying so, to me (for the gateway meeting)
and/or Jeff Mogul, mogul@decwrl.dec.com (for the MTU meeting).

Jeff will be sending out directions for finding DEC WRL to the
gw-discovery and mtudwg mailing lists.  If you will be driving
and needing a place to park, please let Jeff know.

Steve Deering