MTU Discovery Action Items

mogul (Jeffrey Mogul) Mon, 19 February 1990 21:12 UTC

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From: mogul (Jeffrey Mogul)
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Date: 19 Feb 1990 1312-PST (Monday)
To: mtudwg
Subject: MTU Discovery Action Items

This is extracted/annotated from my minutes of the meeting.  If your
name is listed here, either you should unvolunteer or fulfill your
duties; either way, results ASAP please!

	(1) Noel Chiappa and Van Jacobson were assigned to try to
	get the IESG to free up an IP header bit.  Can one of you
	report on what happened?
	(2) Mike Karels was going to think more about having routers
	send ICMPs when they fragment.  Mike?
	(3) We need to determine how many routers will drop packets
	with RF set, and how hard it will be to fix this.  Is it any
	different if we use one of the bits in the TOS area?
	John Moy, what is the story on Proteon routers?
	Any potential problems with cisco, Wellfleet, etc? 
	(4) Ditto for end-hosts; are there any that drop such packets?
	(5) Van Jacobson is responsible for providing a draft of the
	RF-bit protocol by 7 March 1990.  Steve Deering might do the work.

Thank you all!