Mail problems

mogul (Jeffrey Mogul) Fri, 19 January 1990 03:43 UTC

Received: by (5.54.5/4.7.34) id AA07390; Thu, 18 Jan 90 19:43:44 PST
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 90 19:43:44 PST
From: mogul (Jeffrey Mogul)
Message-Id: <>
To: mtudwg
Subject: Mail problems

You should all have received the draft RFC that I sent out 6
days ago.  Some of you may have realized, from the tardy delivery,
that one of our mail systems delayed the message by several days.
Mail via should be flowing again, and so it should
be possible to discuss things via the mailing list.

I'll be away all next week, so if things go wrong again, I won't
be able to do much about it.