Re: "Fragmentation considered harmful"

Philippe Prindeville <philipp@Gipsi.Gipsi.Fr> Thu, 01 February 1990 01:43 UTC

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To: mogul
Subject: Re: "Fragmentation considered harmful"
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	I find it hard to believe ("incredible" in the dictionary sense) that
	anyone would allow me to route packets through their network but not
	let me know what their MTU is.  Even less likely is that they would
	expend resources (their own, as well as mine) to make it hard for me
	to find out.
Jeff, you do seem to have a point.  I guess it would be easier to put
a brick-wall filter (to abuse a EE term) at the organization's border
to stop unwanted packets (such as probes).  An example is of course
VISA gateways or policy-based route hiding...