RDA Information

Bhavani Thuraisingham <Bhavani_Thuraisingham@iegate.mitre.org> Fri, 30 April 1993 17:22 UTC

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From: Bhavani Thuraisingham <Bhavani_Thuraisingham@iegate.mitre.org>
Subject: RDA Information
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                       Subject:                               Time:10:42 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          RDA Information                        Date:4/30/93
Could you please let me know the current status of the specification of the RDA
protocol for TCP/IP.  Also, would it be possible to mail me a copy
of the specification.  I would also like some information about the
IETF Network Database WG.

Please send reply to 



Bhavani Thuraisingham
The MITRE Corporation
Burlington Road
MA 01730