NIR WG Draft Agenda Tue, 22 March 1994 15:55 UTC

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Subject: NIR WG Draft Agenda
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Here is the draft agenda for the IETF NIR-WG meeting in Seattle.
This is a joint working group with RARE ISUS WG.

Best wishes - Jill

Networked Information Retrieval Working Group

Where:          IETF: Seattle
When:           WEDNESDAY, March 30, 1994, 1330-1530
Chairs:         Jill Foster/RARE and Kevin Gamiel/CNIDR

Draft Agenda

1.      Approval of the Agenda

2.      Updates on:
        o       Clearing  House for Networked Information Discovery
                and Retrieval (Kevin Gamiel/Jane Smith)

        o      Related RARE ISUS Task Force activities (Jill Foster)

3.      Internet draft: Status Report on NIR tools and groups (Jill Foster)
        o       Report on review by independent reviewers
        o       Progress on submitting it as an RFC

4.      Update schedule for report and parts of report at CNIDR
          and the InterNIC  (Kevin Gamiel/Jane Smith)

5.      Availability of the report in various formats.

6.      "April's checklist" on the various NIR tools. (April Marine)

7.      What next? Close NIR WG?

8.      Quality issues (Approx 1 hour - Mitra)

9.      Any other business


Recommended reading:

** The full agenda to be circulated in the next couple of days will contain
this information