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This might be of interest to this group. I asked Mic if I could forward it.

>From: Mic Bowman <>
>Thanks for the pointers.  I'll pick up the files today.
>As for the IRTF info... You might want to pick up the tech report
>version of our INET'93 paper.  It is in the file
>~ftp/pub/bowman/doc/ on ( also
>has a copy).  This paper is mostly the "problems"; a first cut of the
>solutions is on the way (we just had a meeting last week).  The main
>idea of our solution is to provide a fairly large (10-100M), fully
>replicated, "rare word" index and a collection of special interest
>sites.  When a file is added to an archive a template is filled in
>(either automatically with best effort information or manually with
>"real" information) and the file is "posted" (actually the template is
>the only thing that has to move) to appropriate special interest sites
>and added to the index.  We think we can offer tools to users looking
>for information, users posting information, and archives trying to
>figure out what information to keep on a disk.
>This is all very preliminary---there are a lot of details to work
>out.  I think Mike is planning on putting together a short summary
>for distribution when he gets back next week.
>Again, thanks for the template pointers.  I'm trying to get an initial
>cut at the attributes that might be collected by our tools.  I'll keep
>you informed of the progress we make.