NIR list is broadcasting "subscribe" messages.

Charlotte Mooers <> Tue, 09 March 1993 15:13 UTC

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In the following message, shouldn't you tell people who want to join
the NIR mailing list to mail to "" and
**not** to ""?  I have received two "subscribe"
messages in my inbox today, and they are just clutter to me.

---Charlotte Mooers
   NNSC User Services

> Date:       Mon, 08 Mar 93  10:03:24 GMT
> From:
> Subject:   NIR list has moved

>  A Reminder that the NIR list has moved. To mail to it, send to:


>  To join it, mail to: 

>  the command (in the text of your message):

>  subscribe nir yourfirstname yourlast name

>  for example:

>  subscribe nir Marc Van-der-noordaa

>  Note that Mailbase (unlike LISTSERV) needs two and only two bits to
>  the name (though this is under review).  So if you have a complex name
>  as in the last example - please hyphenate it. ...

>  I'll now send a test message to the new NIR list.  If you don't
>  receive it and wish to continue to be in the NIR discussions - please
>  subscribe to the new list NOW.

>  Problems with the list? Mail to me.

>  Problems with Mailbase? Mail to

>  Thanks and best wishes,

>  -- Jill Foster (co-chair NIR WG)