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In message <v01510100aba967b0e3b9@[]>  writes:
> As suggested by Mark, I read the start of his paper
> A Preliminary Design for a 3-D Spatial User Interface for Internet Gopher
> Mark P. McCahill
> A few of things occurred to me, as a trivial point it was a bit misleading
> not to mention WWW in the opening paragraphs when discussing gopher's
> position (3.5% of traffic counting bytes) in the NSF internet statistics.

Ahem... that paper was written last spring (a year ago).

> ...
> However in creating GopherVR and presumably encouraging its use, people
> with slow machines and small screens are being abandoned.  

I don't agree. People who have machines that are not 3D-capable can still use 
the regular menu-oriented gopher interfaces.

When you seperate the structure of the information space (the heirarhcy in 
gopher) from the content (the documents) you can represent the structure in 
many different ways (like menus and 3D scene for instance). WWW embeds the 
interrelationships between documents inside the documents which makes it 
harder to map WWW pages into a different user interface metaphor...

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